30 Nov 2018

A Complete Guide to Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

What is cloud Computing

Computing all we know, but let’s understand what is cloud Computing. 
Cloud computing is a concept where you are using the resources like hardware and software remotely, without setting at your own. Or its better to say somebody had installed a powerful computer at some location and they are making it sure that it should run 24*7 and you are using a portion of his computer hardware to run your application and in lieu to usage you are paying some amount on usage basis. 
cloud computing with azure
Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

Why we should use CLOUD Computing : 

Let’s take an example for better understanding – 
Case 1 – you want to setup an E-commerce business and on launch date you are expecting thousands of hits to your site for which you calculate the compute, decide on software applications and create your own Data center but suddenly on the date of launch 4X people came on your site, what you will do, to cater the visitor load? 
Case 2 – you got a project and have to deliver a POC (proof of Concept) to your customer, but not having and appropriate infrastructure i.e. Hardware & software. Now you can’t buys and install hardware for customer. So what will you do?
In both the above cases the issue is hardware and software for temporarily basis i.e. in case 1 might be after launch date load will be less so the investment you will make it will on stake or in case 2 you are not sure wither you will get project or not. So one need a Temprarory hardware support, here Cloud the excellent role. Go to Microsoft Azure solutions, set up an account and create a VM for your need and use it or if your solution is already running on cloud just increase the compute power by few clicks. 
Demand based – customer can scale up and scale down, as per need of compute. Like if company is getting new project they can increase the Compute i.e. CPU, RAM, Storage and once the projects delivered they can immediate reduce, so it means you pay for your need. 
Growing fast – Enterprise are using or migrating to public cloud as per their need. Small or big enterprise now stop investing on in house servers till the time the information is not critical. The latest trend is enterprises in IT or Non IT all are evaluating cloud solutions for their application hosting. 
Unpredictable bursting – in the age of E-commerce or digitalization companies do prefer to acquire customer directly or through E-commerce portals, E.g. Airlines are selling air-tickets through or Now suppose one airline announcing sudden discounting on travel ticket, which may cause unpredictable hits on travel portal, to avoid the website crash or slow, E-commerce companies can increase the compute with few clicks. 
Predictable bursting – Again, when large E-commerce companies like or announce big sale or at the time of festival when big discounts to be offer, at that time Companies knows there will be huge rush on portal, to meet the customer expectation and better performance, ecommerce companies do increase the Compute as per predictable load. And once done they can reduce the load and will pay for as per usage for that specify period. 
Start with a click – you can start or host your application by few clicks. It is easy to start, but you need to have little CLOU knowledge i.e. how to create VM, allocate resources, which we will discuss in later stage. 


  1. Packaged software 
  2. Infrastructure As a Service 
  3. Platform As a Service – Windows Azure best fit in PaaS. 
  4. Software As a service 
Cloud services can be further divided in further 09 categories and based on functionality the cloud is configured in to Above Variants. 

There are 09 different categories in making a Cloud Solutions – which are necessity to run an Application. 

  1. Networking 
  2. Storage 
  3. Servers 
  4. Virtualization 
  5. O/S 
  6. Middleware 
  7. Runtime 
  8. Data 
  9. Applications 

MS-Azure is the best fit in PaaS

One can start immediately development or usage of MS-AZURE, Only customer have to install the Application and copy the Data which is necessary for training. So Customer can create his/ her own Virtual machines and install all the desired applications for users. 
Microsft Manage its own datacenters in 8 locations – 04 regions in North America, 2 regions in Europe and 2 in Asia. 
Windows Azure is available in 89 countries. Customer can sign and use the free trial to evaluate the services. 

Benefits of Using Ms-Azure

  1. No upfront cost 
  2. No need to buy server license – which is basically huge savings 
  3. SQL database is part of Azure, so database without any license. 
  4. VM and websites can be hosted very easily and payment on monthly basis 
  5. Scale up and scale down – which is beauty of cloud. 
  6. No cost for Evaluation period.

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