29 Nov 2018

A Complete Guide to LINUX – RHEL 7.0

A Complete Guide to LINUX – RHEL 7.0 1
Red hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 is the latest and most demanding Open source Operating System in Market. Major of companies are now using LINUX because of its feature i.e.
  1. Free of cost.
  2. Easy to install 
  3. Linux Security 
  4. No virus attack possible
  5. No firmware attack
  6. Low usage of hardware resources
  7. More jobs available in market for certified Candidates
  8. Most of application software’s are freely available
  9. Major of Internet servers runs on LINUX platform
Any given time 10000+ jobs are available in market and on the same time production of Engineers are less in market. Major of cloud solution software’s are working on LINUX like Openstack, Openshift. The New automation tools like Ansible, Docker, Puppet are the major of automation tools which runs on LINUX operating system. But one need to do LINUX training or complete LINUX basic skills training. You can approach for linux training or Internship. ITS do have multiple level of training and internship programmed available. ITS do conduct classroom and online training for student and enterprise customers. 

How to start career in LINUX

Building a career or progressive Career is always a Question for a fresher or students who are in their graduation final year. After so many years in IT industry and sometime working with industry leader the conclusion is “The early you start, the early you achieve your Goals” and it comes with conditions i.e. your hard work, patience, interest, productive time and in-depth learning. 
So let’s understand what career options we have available in LINUX . Now a days students do learn linux skills in their Internship period as well. 
RHCE – Red hat certified Engineer – is one of the prominent course or the most desired title in the IT industry, every year lac’s of people get certified by Redhat and they become Certified RHCE and all of them get job as well. The big question is how to become a RHCE on RHEL 7.0. 
Redhat RHCE training is for 120 hours on RHEL 7.0 and that too split in to 03 modules i.e. 
  • SA 1 – System Administration 1 
  • SA 2 – System Administration 2
  • SA 3 – System Administration 3 
Each module is for 40 hours and all Red hat training are bundle with Red hat books and labs on all modules. 
Student can register himself/herself for Course and he/she will begin with SA1 – where it gives knowledge about basic of LINUX, Commands, user Admin and more on administration, the course is well designed, it means it is combination of theory + practical. Students will do practical of all the commands and execute on their desktop / computer / laptop. 
Once the SA1 completed student will start learning SA2 and which is more about system administration, user admin, system internal commands, processes. Redhat SA 2 is very important because it gives knowledge about how the system admin controls the servers inside the organization, and again it is combination of theory + practical. Once you are complete with SA 2, you are eligible to appear for Exam EX200 – RHCSA – Red hat Certified System Administrator, Ex 200 or RHCSA exam is available in online and classroom mode and it is a complete practical exam. Once you pass the exam you become an RHCSA and on the same time you are eligible to appear for RHCE. ITS trains and 500+ students on RHCSA every year.
Either you pass RHCSA exam or not, still you can go for training on SA 3 i.e. System Administration 3 or trianing for RHCE which will gives you knowledge about Server’s in LINUX. SA3 is very important and crucial module if you are serious about your career in Redhat or LINUX, means you have to practice a lot. But believe us once you are through with this module and if you have true knowledge it means your career is going in positive direction. (You can join our training on RHCE and we will also help you with right career path or job assistance. If you are looking for Redhat RHCE training from India so connect with us. Our RHCI will help you to become RHCE. For Course details on Redhat – RHCE feel free to connect us.
To become RHCE you need to pass 02 exams i.e. EX 200 (exam code) + EX300 (exam code), once you pass both the above specified exams you will become RHCE and IT industry welcomes you with open hands. 
ITS do organize bootcamp for RHCE in India and help in exam preparation as well. You can connect Innovative Technology Solutions for Redhat training in Gurgaon or for any Redhat training in India