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የሚደነቅ ሥልጠና

DO407 - ከአጥቂነት ጋር በራስ-ሰር

በእውነተኛ ሙከራዎች አማካኝነት, ተማሪዎች በአኔስክ በሚተዳደሩ አስተናጋጅ ስርዓት ውስጥ ያሉትን የስርዓት አስተዳደራዊ ተግባራት ራስ-ሰር መቆጣጠርን ይለማመዳሉ, የተግባር አተገባበርን ለመለየት, በመጫወቻ መጽሀፍቶች ላይ በማስተካከል እና በን አንኔያል ታወር ላይ በድር በይነገጽ ላይ ተደጋጋሚ የማስኬድ አሰራርን ይማሩ. ተማሪዎች በተጨማሪ ለኤንሲሊስ ቮልት ኢንሽን ኢንክሪፕሽን (ስፒል) ኢንሽግሪንግ (ስእል) በመጠቀም ማስተካከል ይጀምራሉ.


  • በማእከለኛ አዶዎች እና የሚተዳደሩ አስተናጋጆች ላይ የማይለቀቀውን መጫን እና መላ መፈለግ
  • ተግባራትን ራስ-ሰር ለማድረግ አሃዛዊ ትዕዛዞችን ለማጫወት እና ለመጻፍ አጫጭር መጽሐፎችን ለማስኬድ የማይቃረን ይጠቀሙ
  • ውጤታማ የጸረ-ጥራት አጫዋች ዝርዝሮችን ጻፍ
  • ከ Ansible Vault ጋር ለሚሰሩ ስራዎች አስፈላጊ የሆነ የተመሰጠሩ መረጃን ይጠብቁ
  • ድርጅቶችን በቀላሉ ለማቀናበር ያልተጠበቀ ማማዎችን ይጠቀሙ
  • ከቫይረስት ጋር በ <DevOps> አካባቢያዊ ገጽታ በመጠቀም በጥብቅ ስራ ይስሩ

የትምህርት ይዘት

ለግለሰብ ፈተና መመዝገብ እና መመዝገብ ቀላል ነው

  1. ፈተናዎን ምረጡ እና ለማሠሌጠን አመቺ መንገድን ይምረጡ, ከዚያም የርስዎን ቅጹን ይሙሉና ያስረክቡ. ጥያቄዎን ለማረጋገጥ እና ቀጣይ ደረጃዎችን በተመለከተ የሚገልጽ ኢሜይል ይደርስዎታል ወይም ይደውሉልን.
  2. You will have to pay fees online or you can pay by cash on our premises. After receiving your payment, We’ll schedule your exam by choosing your exam, date, and time. You will get a confirmation for your scheduled exam and detailed instructions on what to do on your testing day.
  3. በተመረጠው ቀን እና ሰዓት ላይ የፈተናዎ ጊዜ ያሳዩ እና ፈተናዎን ይውሰዱ.

Ansible Training in Gurgaon | Ansible Training Institute in Gurgaon

Innovative Technology solutions provides and the only training company in Gurgaon who provides class room training on Ansible as per the customer requirement. Our training programs is specially designed for professionals or fresher’s to get placements in MNCs. Innovative Technology solutions is delivering major of IT trainings in Gurgaon and Ansible Training is one of the most demanded training. ITS offers hands on practical knowledge / practical implementation on live projects and will ensure to understand or learn the in-depth knowledge on Ansible from our Ansible Training. Our Ansible Training in Gurgaon is conducted by specialist working certified corporate trainers and professionals having real time implementation experience on Ansible.

Innovative technology solutions is well-equipped Ansible Training Center in Gurgaon. Innovative Technnology solutions is the well-known Ansible Training Center in Gurgaon with appropriate infrastructure and lab facilities. Ansible labs are online, so candidate can access the labs from home as well. Innovative Technology solutions in Gurgaon mentored more than 50000+ candidates on different IT skills and we have public batches on Ansible Certification Training in Gurgaon at very reasonable fee. We have in house trainer and course curriculum can be customized as per your requirement.

Our training labs are well equipped with Projector, computers, LAN with high speed internet to work on cloud. We also serve lunch for corporate.

Innovative Technology solutions is one of the best Ansible Training Institutes in Gurgaon with placement support.

Innovative Technology solution is corporate delivery training company and provide training to organizations like HCL, Colt, Kronos, BCG etc. working with MNC’s makes us capable to place our students in top MNCs across the globe.

Ansible Training Introduction

Ansible is one of the finest, economical and widely used Technology. Major of IT or non IT companies are using Ansible services for their cloud hosting solutions. Major of companies required the employees who are hands on Ansible. After visualizing the demand of Ansible, Innovative Technology solutions started offering ጉርጋን ውስጥ የማይፈለግ ስልጠና for individual and Ansible training for corporates. Innovative Technology solutions do offers trainings on Ansible in classroom or online mode. Our trainers goes to Customer location and deliver training.

Why you should join Innovative Technology solutions for Ansible Training in Gurgaon

Top Reasons which makes us best among all others:

  • Best corporate trainers are delivering training.
  • 100% hands on.
  • Trainer discuss the real time challenges of industry and solutions to them.
  • Corporate trainers for Ansible training
  • Standard training curriculum as suggested by Principle.
  • Ansible training in Gurgaon available on weekend or weekday basis
  • Preparation for JOB interview or placement
  • Different payment modes are available like – online, cash, bank transfer or EMI.

Corporate training on Ansible, Corporate trainer for Ansible , Bootcamp for Ansible training. Best Ansible training in India

Innovative technology solutions is Corporate training delivery company, since 2010 and delivered 5000+ corporate batches. Innovative is one of the best trainers in India on Ansible training. Our trainers are well versed with online training solutions. Our trainer’s everyday delivers online Ansible training. Professionals from USA, UK and other countries also enrol themselves for our Online Ansible training programme. Taking online or classroom Ansible training from India is always cost effective.


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