Blue Coat Training

ጥያቄ ወደታች ይጥፉ?

Blue Coat Description

Blue Coat is a recognized leader in enterprise security, providing on premise, hybrid and cloud-based solutions for protecting web connectivity, combating advanced threats, and responding to security breaches.

  • The convergence of recent market dynamics has fundamentally changed the nature of how today’s applications are developed and delivered.
  • The shift to Web/HTTP applications, SSL connections, larger files, mobile users and chatty protocols delivers richer user experiences, but taxes application performance and creates exposure to security threats.
  • In order to respond to this changing business and technology climate, you need a better approach to application delivery that eliminates the performance/security trade-off.
  • A solution that is built for the world of mixed protocols.
  • Web applications and a distributed workforce, combining network control and application visibility, security and acceleration into a single vendor solution
  • An enhanced proxy architecture that provides with a complete understanding of all applications and users on the network
  • An architecture that provides total visibility and control over user and application performance, and fast, secure delivery of the applications that are necessary to running your business.

ይማሩሰማያዊ ኮት ኮርስበጉርጋን. ተመዝገብ ለበጋርጋን ውስጥ የባለ ካሜር ስልጠናውስጥከፍተኛ የስልጠና ኩባንያ"" Innovative Technology Solutions "እና ያግኙየ Microsoft Azure እውቅና ማረጋገጫ. ስለ ኮርስ ክፍያ, የስርዓተ ትምህርት, የጊዜ ቆይታ, የክፍል ጊዜዎች ዝርዝርን ያግኙ.

ሰማያዊ ካቼ ማረጋገጫ ኮርሶች ዝርዝር

SL. አይ.የኮርስ ስምአሁን ይመዝገቡ
1ሰማያዊ ካነር የተረጋገጠ ፓኬቶች ጠላፊ አስተዳዳሪተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
2ሰማያዊ ካነር የተረጋገጠ ፓኬቶች ጠላፊ ባለሙያተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
3ሰማያዊ ካነር የተረጋገጠ Wan Acceleration አስተዳዳሪተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
4ሰማያዊ ኮረት ዳይሬክተርተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
5ሰማያዊ ኮታ ሪፖርተርተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
6ሰማያዊ ኮረት የተረጋገጠ የደህንነት ትንታኔ አስተዳዳሪተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
7ሰማያዊ ካሼ ካቼፍተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
8ሰማያዊ ልባስ የድር መተግበሪያ ማገገሚያ ተኪተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
9Blue Coat Certified Proxysg አስተዳዳሪተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ
ሰማያዊ ኮረት ዕውቅና ማረጋገጫ የደህንነት ትንታኔ ባለሙያተጨማሪ ይመልከቱ

Modes of Training

buildings Blue Coat

አብዚኛ ተለማማጅ
ለሙሉ ቡድንዎ ወይም ክፍልዎ የግል ስልጠና, በቦታውዎ, በስፖርት ማእከል ወይም በመስመር ላይ

foundation Blue Coat

የመማሪያ ክፍል ስልጠና
በመላው ዓለም የተደናደፈ እና በሙያዊ አካባቢ ውስጥ በሚንቀሳቀስ በይነ-መማሪያ ክፍል ውስጥ በተለያየ የመማሪያ ክፍል ውስጥ በመርህ-መምህር የተሠጠ ትምህርት ነው

expert-instructor Blue Coat

ምናባዊ ስልጠና
በመደበኛ በይነመረብ የተካሄዱ መምህራንን የሚመራ ሥልጠና, በባህላዊ የክፍል ውስጥ ስልጠና ውስጥ ተመሳሳይ የእጅ-ሥራ ላይ ቤቶችን ያቀርባል

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