12 Oct 2018

AngularJS Overview

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a platform which is typically relies on JavaScript. AngularJS is basically used to make front end web application and enhance the use of Single Page Applications called SPA.

Latest stable version of AngularJS?

The stable version of AngularJS in 1.7.2

Why we need Angular for front-end web development?

  • AngularJS is quite comprehensive: – AngularJS is fast and effective solution for front-end working which is quite similar to JavaScript MVC. There is no need of using extra frameworks and plugins to make a web application which is data driven.
  • DI (Dependency injection and Data Binding):-Data binding is basically used to make communication between DOM and component. Dependency injection is an application design pattern. Angular has its own DI framework, which is typically used in the design of Angular applications to increase modularity.

Angular is also used to extend the html. It is also used to extend the capabilities of HTML.


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