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Basic to Advance DevOps Certification

Enroll in this advanced certification program offered by Innovative Technology Solutions and IITM Pravartak, and gain knowledge under the knowledgeable direction of the experts at IITM. Through practical, real-world projects, the program’s industry specialists have created a way to help you become an expert in DevOps.

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Certificate by IITM - Pravartak

Duration : 240 Hours

About Course

This certification in Opensource and DevOps is conducted by leading experts in association with IIT Madras and Red hat. Red hat certified instructor will assist you in kick-starting your career in these domains through the vast industry-relevant experience that they carry. Also, the course curriculum along with videos, live sessions, assignments, 24*7 labs, Red hat Official curriculum will help you gain in-depth knowledge in Opensource and DevOps, apart from providing hands-on experience in these domains through real-time projects.


Key Highlights

About IITM Pravartak Digital Skills Academy

IITM Pravartak, a Technology Innovation Hub of IIRM is funded by Department of Science and Technology, GOI under its National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS), focuses on application-oriented research and innovation in the areas SNACS. BharOS, India’s first mobile operating system is developed by an IITM Pravartak incubated company.

Key Achievements of IIT Madras:

Who can apply for the Course?

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What roles can a DevOps and cloud computing professional play?

DevOps Architect

They are experts in using VPC, Lambda, Route 53, AWS ECS, Elastic Load Balancing, and other tools and technologies of AWS.

Cloud Architect

They design and build documents for setting the best standards and practices for cloud adoption.

AWS DevOps Engineer

They plan project deliverables and ensure the quality of products and their respective criteria as per the user requirements.

Senior DevOps Engineer

They are responsible for recording aspects of IaC using a wide range of tools like AWS CDK, Terraform, and CloudFormation.

Release Manager

They are in charge of the overall development pipeline, overall release schedules, individual releases, and coordination with different teams.

Product Manager

They are from the operations side of DevOps and are an expert in organization and management.

Skills & Tools to Master

Modules to learn

Access systems and get help
Navigate file systems
Manage local users and groups
Control access to files
Manage SELinux security
Tune system performance
Install and update software packages
Manage basic storage
Control services and the boot process
Manage networking
Analyze and store logs
Implement advanced storage features
Schedule future tasks
Access network-attached storage
Manage network security
Running Containers
Examination: EX200

Introduce Ansible
Implement an Ansible playbook
Manage variables and facts
Implement task control
Deploy files to managed hosts
Manage complex plays and playbooks
Simplify playbooks with roles
Troubleshoot Ansible
Automate Linux administration tasks

Introduction to Kubernetes and OpenShift
Kubernetes and OpenShift Command-Line Interfaces and APIs
Run Applications as Containers and Pods
Deploy Managed and Networked Applications on Kubernetes
Manage Storage for Application Configuration and Data
Configure Applications for Reliability
Manage Application Updates

Introduction and overview of containers
Podman basics
Container images
Custom container images
Persisting data
Troubleshooting containers
Multi-container applications with compose
Container orchestration with Kubernetes and OpenShift

Declarative Resource Management
Deploy Packaged Applications
Authentication and Authorization
Network Security
Expose non-HTTP/SNI Applications
Enable Developer Self-Service
Manage Kubernetes Operators
Application Security
OpenShift Updates

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for Developers
Deploying Simple Applications
Building and Publishing Container Images
Managing Red Hat OpenShift Builds
Managing Red Hat OpenShift Deployments
Deploying Multi-container Applications
Continuous Deployment using Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines

Workloads & Scheduling
Cluster architecture, installation & configuration.
Service & Networking