Become A Partner

Become an Affiliate partner/Franchise with Innovative Technology Solutions, since our inception ITS training and solution business is growing year on year in terms of deliveries, clients and geography. As Information Technology is established in metro’s cities of India, to spread our wings increase the business. ITS is looking to appoint franchisee in the following Cities:

  1. Noida
  2. Kolkata
  3. Chennai
  4. Bangalore – Electronic City, Hosur Road
  5. Pune
  6. Mumbai
  7. Hyderabad
  8. Chennai

Better chance of Success:

With an Affiliate Partner with Innovative Technology Solutions you benefit from the work and experience of us who already invested our resources in creating a successful business. Statistics shows that 90% start-ups fails within 05 years. That over 90% of franchisee business continue to operate even after 5 years.

Proven Business:

We are offering the services that has been successfully developed, tested, refined and marketed.


Once you become franchisee with Innovative Technology Solutions, You will get benefited in terms of local business, product support, Partner with HP and Redhat, Training and delivery rights for various trainings, Corporate Trainings, Corporate infrastructure rental, Corporates trainers and many more.


  • Space: 1700 Sq. ft. Carpet Area,
  • Location: Well connected to public transport, parking space, Lift – if above 1st Floor.
  • Investment: 30 lacs (+-10%) depends on city and Space
  • Returns: Around 3 lacs and/or depends on market potential.

Investment in IT Training High ROI

Total market for IT education is worth Rs. 33,825 thousand Cr (US $50 bn) growing at very high pace. 5% GDP of India is budget on IT Education. Innovative Technology Solutions share is growing 30 percent annually & 2016–17 is expected to grow by 100 percent. With a growing number of IT industry and most of the companies shifting their base to INDIA.

Companies are willing to invest building competency to retain their employees and individual are spending on professional career development the IT education industry is increasing:

  • Growing disposable income to translate to higher discretionary expenditure
  • Professional competency
  • Rising awareness of certifications in INDIA
  • Always be in competition while slowdown in economy
  • Red Hat
  • cisco
  • Microsoft