15+ Python Tools that will ease your work

We know that in a Python program we can include many more utilities which we can use very easily in our application. To use any utility or more technically a module we can use simply import statement in our program. For e.g., if we want to use NumPy in a particular program then in the first line we can write the following code –  ...
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Python lambda (Anonymous Functions)

In Python, lambda or anonymous function means that a function is without a name. It is already known to us that a def keyword is used to define the normal functions and the lambda keyword is used to create anonymous functions. It has the following syntax: lambda arguments: expression   The Following are the features of lambda. Remember lambda is a keyword in Python. This...
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Functions in Python

A function is a set of one or more valid statements, which can be executed by calling the function name. As already stated, the Python program can be written within some small functions as well, so in that way, it works like a procedural language. Naturally, the question comes into our mind that why we should go for creating a function? So, below are the...
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Python Collections

Collections in Python Python Collections: The collection is a term used in Python which actually can refer any of the four things in Python. All these things are also considered as data types in Python as they can contain multiple values together. They are:-  List Tuple Set Dictionary Here we are trying to explain all these things.  What is List? A-List is a kind of...
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How to Create an IAM User in AWS?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Create an IAM User in AWS: If you log in with your email id and password then it is your root account. And it is not recommended to use the root account for performing daily tasks. There are your team members who are going to work on AWS along with you. And they need access to particular services on the...
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How to Create a Virtual Private Cloud in AWS?

Suppose You have users who are going to work on your project. And you have to create an isolated Lab 2 – VPC – Virtual Private Cloud network in AWS for your project. That thing can be done with VPC service. In three-tier architecture there is one web server and one database server. As per the requirement, we need 2 networks in a single VPC....
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