Python Operators

In our next topic, we shall discuss various Operators that can be used in Python while writing a program. Before we start anything let us try to explain what is an operator? Python Operators Operators are some special symbols in Python that carry out arithmetic or logical computation. The value that the operator operates on is called the operand. An operator may take only one...
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How to Create an EC2 Instance on AWS?

What is compute? Compute means basically calculation. And a system that does calculation or processing is we call as a computing machine or Computer. Compute machines may be a small IoT device like Amazon Alexa or google home or maybe a smartphone or laptop or a blade server. We select the proper compute machine as per use case. Like anybody doesn’t bye a blade server...
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AWS Solutions Architect Lab 4 – NAT

Connect your DB vm and try to install mysql packages. Internet is not available for downloading packages that’s why you will need nat gateway in scenario.

AWS Solutions Architect Lab 5 – VPC peering

Customers already have an application hosted on one of the vpc on aws. The customer wants to connect these two VPC with each other. They should communicate to each other with a private network connection. 

AWS Solutions Architect Lab 6 – High Availability

For High availability, it is important to host applications on more than one data centers i.e. Availability Zones. Create two web servers in two different AZ.      2. Create an application load balancer to balance a load between two web servers.

AWS Solutions Architect Lab 7 – Scalability

Configure your architecture for scaling out and scaling in web servers whenever cpu utilization of web server increases or decreases. Configure a load balancer to receive traffic from load balancer.