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CCNA pre test

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When subnetting an IPv6 address block, an engineer shows a drawing that breaks the address structure into three pieces. Comparing this concept to a three-part IPv4 address structure, which part of the IPv6 address structure is most like the IPv4 network part of the address?

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After configuring a working router interface with IP address/mask, which of the following routes would you expect to see in the output of the show ip route command? 

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Which of the following statements describes part of the process of how a switch decides to forward a frame destined for a known unicast MAC address?

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A LAN design uses a Layer 3 EtherChannel between two switches SW1 and SW2, with port-channel interface 1 used on both switches. SW1 uses ports G0/1, G0/2, and     G0/3 in the channel. Which of the following are true about SW1’s configuration to make the channel be able to route IPv4 packets correctly? (Choose two answers.)

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Which of the following configuration settings on a router does not influence which IPv4 route a router chooses to add to its IPv4 routing table when using OSPFv2?

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In Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA), which term refers to the functions that deliver endpoint packets across the network using tunnels between the ingress and egress fabric nodes?

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A router has been configured with the ipv6 address 3111:1:1:1::1/64 command on its G0/1 interface and ipv6 address 3222:2:2:2::1/64 on its G0/2 interface. Both interfaces are working. Which of the following routes would you expect to see in the output of the show ipv6 route connected command? (Choose two answers.)

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An access point is set up to offer wireless coverage in an office. Which one of the following is the correct 802.11 term for the resulting standalone network?

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An enterprise moves away from manual configuration methods, making changes by editing centralized configuration files. Which answers list an issue solved by using a version control system with those centralized files? (Choose two answers.)

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A router uses OSPF to learn routes and adds those to the IPv4 routing table. That action occurs as part of which plane of the switch?