3 Apr 2018

CompTIA Stackable Certifications | CompTIA Career Pathways

CompTIA Stackable Certifications | CompTIA Career Pathways 1

What are CompTIA Stackable Certifications ?

CompTIA Stackable Certifications propelled in mid 2018 and perceive professionals that have accomplished various CompTIA certifications.
Each Stackable Certification is adjusted to a particular part inside IT, demonstrating a more profound level of information and experience. They take after the two built up CompTIA Career Pathways:
  • CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway
  • CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway
CompTIA Stackable Certifications are additionally partitioned into independent experience levels:
  • Specialist : Entry-level IT professionals with 0-2 years of experience
  • Professional: Mid-level IT professionals with 2-5 years of experience
  • Expert : Established IT professionals with 5+ years of experience
In this article, we’ll jump into the CompTIA Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Career Pathways, investigating the Stackable Certifications accessible at each level.

CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway

Advancing through the CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway approves information over numerous ranges of abilities inside IT operations. As you move from Specialist to Professional, you’ll create propelled abilities inside the IT infrastructure stack, widening the quantity of expert parts you can work inside.
The Stackable Certifications inside this pathway are picked up by accomplishing a blend of CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Server+, Linux+ and Cloud+ certifications.


  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges_Specialist – CIOSCompTIA IT Operations Specialist (CIOS) – Earn the A+ and Network+ and you’ll demonstrate your central understanding of the product and equipment required for IT bolster parts, and information of networking advancements.
  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges_Specialist – CSSSCompTIA Systems Support Specialist (CSSS) – Earn the A+ and Linux+ to exhibit that you understand IT programming and equipment essentials and have a profound understanding of Linux working frameworks.


  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges_Specialist – CCAPCompTIA Cloud Admin Professional (CCAP) – Earn the Network+ and Cloud+ to demonstrate you have a working learning of both cloud and networking advancements.
  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges_Professional – CNIPCompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional (CNIP) – Achieve Network+ and Server+ to demonstrate your fitness for server and networking advancements.
  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges_Professional – CLNPCompTIA Linux Network Professional (CLNP) – Achieve the Network+ and Linux+ to demonstrate your skill crosswise over networking advancements and Linux working frameworks.

CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway

Progressing through the CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway will exhibit your competency crosswise over various territories of cybersecurity.
Following the pathway will take you from a beginner to a cybersecurity master, demonstrating you’re fit for working over various senior cybersecurity parts.
The Stackable Certifications inside this pathway are picked up by accomplishing a mix of CompTIA’s A+, Network+, Security+, CySA+ and CASP certifications.
The pathway will expand towards the second 50% of 2018, with the dispatch of the PenTest+ – for more data, investigate this guide to the PenTest+.


  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges- CSIS CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS) – Achieve the A+, Network+ and Security+ and demonstrate your understanding of networks, PC programming, equipment – and in addition the central aptitudes to secure them.


  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges_Professional – CSCPCompTIA Secure Cloud Professional (CSCP) – Earn both the Security+ and Cloud+ to exhibit your understanding of cloud innovation and the abilities required to secure the innovation inside a business.
  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges_Professional – CSAPCompTIA Security Analytics Professional (CSAP) – Achieve the Security+ and CySA+ to exhibit your capacity to distinguish and react to security dangers as quick as conceivable by gathering and breaking down information.
  • CompTIA Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional (CNVAP) – Achieve the Security+ and PenTest+ to show you have the right stuff to test your business’ frameworks for security vulnerabilities.
  • CompTIA Network Security Professional (CNSP) – Achieve the Security+, PenTest+ and CySA+ to show you have the right stuff required finish network powerlessness evaluations and are additionally ready to lead security examination assignments.


  • 04294 CompTIA Cert Badges_Professional – CSAECompTIA Security Analytics Expert (CSAE) – Earn the Security+, CySA+ and CASP to exhibit a specialist understanding of security. You’ll demonstrate principal security aptitude, security examination and IT security inside the venture.
  • CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert (CSIE) – Earn the Security+, CySA+, PenTest+ and CASP to exhibit a specialist understanding of security infrastructure. This stackable certification approves learning of security examination, infiltration testing and venture IT security.

Do you as of now have a CompTIA Stackable Certification?

On the off chance that you effectively hold the blend of certifications required, you will have officially earned a CompTIA Stackable Certification. Basically sign into your certification account to download and display your new certification promptly.
We prescribed you add an advanced duplicate to your resume or LinkedIn profile to feature your new expert status.
On the off chance that you accomplished your certification before CompTIA presented recertification necessities, you can gain your Stackable Certifications by re-ensuring your current accreditations.
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