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Advanced Python Programming (TTPS4850) Training

In this course, you will learn advanced Python programming language.


  • Leverage OS services
  • Code graphical interfaces for applications
  • Create modules
  • Create and run unit tests
  • Define classes
  • Interact with network services
  • Query databases
  • Process XML data

Intended Audience

Experienced Python programmers


Course Outline                                                  Duration: 5 Days

Session 1:  An Overview of Python

  • What is python?
  • An overview of Python
  • What is python?
  • Python Timeline
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of Python
  • Getting help with pydoc


Session 2:  The Python Environment

  • Starting Python
  • Using the interpreter
  • Running a Python script
  • Python scripts on Unix/Windows
  • Editors and IDEs


Session 3:  Getting Started

  • Using variables
  • Builtin functions
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Converting among types
  • Writing to the screen
  • Command line parameters


Session 4: Flow Control

  • About flow control
  • White space
  • Conditional expressions
  • Relational and Boolean operators
  • While loops
  • Alternate loop exits


Session 5: Sequences

  • About sequences
  • Lists and list methods
  • Tuples
  • Indexing and slicing
  • Iterating through a sequence
  • Sequence functions, keywords, and operators
  • List comprehensions
  • Generator Expressions
  • Nested sequences


Session 6:  Working with files

  • File overview
  • Opening a text file
  • Reading a text file
  • Writing to a text file
  • Reading and writing raw (binary) data
  • Converting binary data with struct


Session 7:  Dictionaries and Sets

  • About dictionaries
  • Creating dictionaries
  • Iterating through a dictionary
  • About sets
  • Creating sets
  • Working with sets


Session 8:  Functions

  • Defining functions
  • Parameters 
  • Global and local scope
  • Nested functions
  • Returning values


Session 9:  Sorting

  • The sorted() function
  • Alternate keys
  • Lambda functions
  • Sorting collections


Session 10:  Errors and Exception Handling

  • Syntax errors
  • Exceptions
  • Using try/catch/else/finally
  • Handling multiple exceptions
  • Ignoring exceptions


Session 11:  Modules and Packages

  • The import statement
  • Module search path
  • Creating modules and Using packages
  • Function and Module aliases


Session 12:  Classes

  • About o-o programming
  • Defining classes
  • Constructors
  • Methods
  • Instance data
  • Properties
  • Class methods and data


Session 13:  Regular Expressions

  • RE syntax overview
  • RE Objects
  • Searching and matching
  • Compilation flags
  • Groups and special groups
  • Replacing text
  • Splitting strings


Session 14:  The standard library

  • The sys module
  • Launching external programs
  • The string module
  • Reading CSV data


Session 15:  Dates and times

  • Working with dates and times
  • Translating timestamps
  • Parsing dates from text


Session 16: Working with the file system

  • Paths, directories, and filenames
  • Checking for existence
  • Permissions and other file attributes
  • Walking directory trees
  • Creating filters with fileinput
  • Security and File Access


Session 18: Network services

  • Grabbing web content
  • Detecting Malformed Input


Session 19: Writing secure Python applications

  • Parsing command-line options
  • Getting help with pydoc
  • Safely handling untrusted data
  • Managing eval() permissions
  • Potential insecure packages
  • Embedding code snippets in Python
  • Embedding authentication data in Python
  • Potentially dangerous operations:
  • File access
  • Operating system access
  • Calls to external services
  • Called to external data sources
  • Static analysis tools such as Bandit


Session 20: Essential, Safe DB Access

  • DB-API
  • ORM with SQLAlchemy
  • Preventing SQL Injection in DB Access
  • Parameterization in DB Interactions


Session 21: Log File Analysis

  • Raw log file manipulation
  • Fail2Ban
  • Customizing Fail2Ban with Python


Session 22: Security FIlters

  • SQL-Injection Detection
  • ModSecurity CRS filtering


Session 23: Packet Analysis

  • Packet Sniffing in Python


Session 24: Analytics

  • Security Logging and Analytics
  • Attack Detection and Defense
  • Python and Spark High-Level Overview

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