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AngularJS 4.0 Training Course & Certification in India


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AngularJS 4.0 Training Course Overview

Build simple Product Catalog Application as Single Page Application using Angular. Following features will be used to build Product Catalog using Visual code Text Editor.

  • Components, Directives, Nested components, Pipes, forms, Templates
  • Navigation (Routing), External Data Access (REST API’s), Angular Services, Etc

Objectives of AngularJS 4.0 course

This hands-on training would reduce participants learning curve for Angular 4 skill enhancement. At the end of training participants would be able to work on Angular applications. They would be able to develop Single Page Applications using Angular.  Participants would be able to program code using Typescript. Participants would be able to integrate Angular UI application in to Web application.

Prerequisites of of AngularJS 4.0 Certification

HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics. Having Programming experience in Java, C# would be added advantage but not necessary. Having experience in Angular JS would be added advantage but not necessary

Course Outline                                       Duration: 4 Days

Day 1:

 Introduction to Angular

  • Rich Client User Interface
    • DOM Manipulation
    • Databinding
    • Client-Side Routing (Navigation)
    • Invoking External Data
  • Client-side JavaScript Frameworks
    • Pros and cons of using DHTML, jQuery Library
    • MVC and MVVM
    • KnockoutJS, Angular, ReactJS, vue.js overview

Simple Angular Application

  • Node JS & Angular CLI for building Angular 4 Application
  • First Simple Angular 4 Application
  • Component Based Approach (Angular)
  • Angular application Execution

Angular 4 Build Automation

  • Angular Application Dependency Modules
    • json , node modules
  • Overview of Grunt, Gulp, Webpack tools
  • Angular using Webpack (Bundling Process)
  • Distribution of Angular Application
  • Angular Architecture

Angular Component Based Approach

  • Modules and Components
  • Component
    • methods, Properties
    • Component Data Binding
    • Component Events
    • Hooks Life Cycle Events
  • Angular Components, Nested components

Day 2:

Typescript Essentials

  • Typescript as Programming Language for Angular
  • Trans compilation, Debugging Typescript code
  • Classes & Interfaces
  • Const, Let, String Templates, ..of
  • Arrow Functions
  • Rest & Spread Operators

Angular Directives

  • Directives Overview
    • Attribute Directives
    • Structural Directives
      • ngmodel
      • ngIf
      • ngFor
      • ngSwitch
      • ng-template,etc.
    • Custom Directive

Angular Pipes

  • Built-in Pipes
  • Chaining Pipes
  • Async Pipe
  • Custom Pipe

Angular Forms (FormModule)

  • Forms
  • Controls, Control groups
  • Form Builder
  • Applying Validation
  • Custom Validation

Angular Service

  • IOC, Dependency Injection overview
  • Services Overview
  • Creating Angular Service
  • Injecting Custom Service

Day 3:

HTTP Module

  • Calling REST API via Angular http
  • Promises
  • Performing REST CRUD Operations
    • $http.get
    • $http.post
    • $http.put
    • $http.delete

Angular Routing Module (SPA)

  • Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Client-side URL Routing
    • Router module, routes
    • Routing Parameters
  • Child Routes (Nested Routes)
  • Secure Routing (Route guard)

Day 4

Data Access in Angular App

  • Using Observables
  • Using RxJs Library
  • Intercomponent Communication

Angular Testing

  • Angular & Unit Testing overview
  • Jasmine, Karama Testing Tools
  • Writing Unit Tests using Jasmine
  • Running Test using Karma Test Runner

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