TypeClassroom Training
Time3 Days

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Ansible Training Course & Certification

Ansible Training Course & Certification


Audience & Prerequisites


Ansible Training Course Overview

An Ansible is a fictional device capable of instantaneous or faster than light(called superluminal) communication. It can send & receive messages to and from a corresponding device over any distance whatsoever with no delay. Ansibles occur as plot devices in science fiction.

Pre-requisite for Ansible Training

Basic knowledge of LINUX ( SUSE, Ubuntu, UNIX ) OS and commands.

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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2What Is Ansible?
Lecture 3Change Management
Lecture 4Provisioning
Lecture 5Automation
Lecture 6Orchestration
Lecture 7Why Use Ansible?
Lecture 8YAML
Lecture 9Built-in Security
Lecture 10Extendable,Conclusion
Section 2Architecture and Process Flow
Lecture 11Architecture Introduction
Lecture 12System Requirements
Lecture 13Components Overview
Lecture 14Process of Execution and Flow
Lecture 15Execution Types
Lecture 16Architecture Conclusion
Section 3Creating Environment
Lecture 17Introduction
Lecture 18Installing Vagrant and VirtualBox
Lecture 19Configure Vagrant
Lecture 20Installing Ansible
Lecture 21Testing Lab with Your First Ansible Commands
Section 4Ansible Inventory and Configuration
Lecture 22Introduction to Inventory and Configuration
Lecture 23Inventory Fundamentals
Lecture 24Demo: Inventory Basics
Lecture 25Scaling-out with Multiple Files
Lecture 26Demo: Scaling-out with Multiple Files
Lecture 27Ansible Configuration Basics
Lecture 28Demo: Ansible Configuration
Lecture 29Demo: Working with Python3-based Systems
Section 5Ansible Modules
Lecture 30Ansible Modules Introduction
Lecture 31Ansible Modules Fundamentals
Lecture 32Demo: Using Module Docs and Yum Module
Lecture 33Demo: Using Setup Module
Section 6Plays and Playbooks
Lecture 34Introduction,Plays and Playbook Basics
Lecture 35Demo: Basic Playbook
Lecture 36Playbook Logic and More
Lecture 37Demo: Advanced Playbook Usage
Section 7Roles
Lecture 38Introduction to Roles
Lecture 39Role Basics
Lecture 40Demo: Creating Roles
Lecture 41Ansible Galaxy Introduction
Lecture 42Demo: Using Ansible Galaxy