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Time90 Days / 72 Hours

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Digital Marketing Course & Certification - Digital Marketing Course Gurgaon

Digital Markeing Training & Certification – Digital Marketing Course Gurgaon


Audience & Prerequisites


Digital Marketing Course Gurgaon

DM(Digital Marketing) is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.The reality is, people spend twice as much time online as they used to 12 years ago. And while we say it a lot, the way people shop and buy really has changed, meaning offline marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Digital Marketing (DM) has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means that you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet.


This course will enable you to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the various digital marketing disciplines: search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), Website Conversion Rate Optimization, web analytics, content marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, programmatic buying, marketing automation and digital marketing strategy.
  • Master digital marketing execution tools: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising, and YouTube Marketing.
  • Become a virtual digital marketing manager for an e-commerce company with Mimic Pro simulations included in our course. Practice SEO, SEM, Website Conversion Rate Optimization, email marketing and more.
  • Gain real-life experience by completing projects using Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, and YouTube Marketing.
  • Learn how to formulate, plan, and execute effective digital marketing strategies with our digital marketing strategy module.
  • Prepare for top digital marketing certification exams such as OMCA, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, and YouTube Marketing certifications.
  • Become an expert in Twitter advertising—we developed the Twitter advertising module in this course in partnership with Twitter.

Intended Audience

The Digital Marketing Certified Associate course is ideal for any business professional or student interested in jump-starting a career in digital marketing, including:

Sales or business professional looking to accelerate your career : This course will give you an insider’s view into the digital marketing domain. With this course you can:

  • Up-skill your competencies and carve an entry into a digital marketing role.
  • Understand the inner workings of digital marketing campaigns that can help you as you collaborate and work with digital marketing teams.

Entrepreneur interested in leveraging digital marketing to improve the ROI for your company : We live in a digital world where most of your customers live online. So if you’re trying to grow your brand or boost online sales, digital marketing is a critical part of your marketing strategy. This course will help you:

  • Understand the role that digital tools and marketing channels can play in growing your online brand.
  • Gain the knowledge and experience required to engage with marketing partners and agencies as you implement an effective digital strategy for your brand.

Traditional marketer striving to enhance your knowledge and skills in digital marketing : Digital marketing has been gaining prominence over the last few years and if you’re an expert marketer with traditional channels and methods, then adding digital marketing skills can be a great boost for your career. This course will:

  • Broaden your marketing know-how and help you stay current with the latest trends and channels of the digital marketing world.
  • Arm you with the skills and experience to get a foothold and grow your career in digital marketing

Digital marketer hoping to broaden your skillsets and accelerate your career to the next level : In today’s business world, digital marketers must be able to wear multiple hats and execute campaigns across different types of marketing channels to stay ahead of the competition. Our course can help you:

  • Learn the latest industry-relevant techniques to help you build well-rounded digital marketing expertise.
  • Build multiple digital marketing skills and catapult your career in digital marketing.

A student looking to build a career in one of the most sought-after domains today : A study by Mondo suggests that senior leadership professionals in digital marketing earn between US $140,000 to $200,000. If you’re looking to build a career in one of the fastest growing domains in business, digital marketing is a great start. This course will help you:

  • Build a strong foundational knowledge of digital marketing and gain hands-on experience in digital marketing.
  • Learn how to plan and execute digital marketing campaigns and prepare for fast-paced digital marketing roles in the industry.


Join Our Digital Marketing Course and Become A Google Adwords + Facebook Certified Professional

  • Google Adwords Certification
    • Adwords Fundamental
    • Search Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • Video Advertising
    • Shopping Advertising
    • Mobile Advertising
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • Industry Recognized ITS Certification

Digital Marketing Course Gurgaon

Section 1Introduction to Online Marketing
Lecture 1Getting Started With Digital Marketing
Lecture 2Constituents of Digital Marketing
Lecture 3Digital Marketing Framework
Section 2Introduction to Website Creation
Lecture 4Getting Started with Website Creation
Lecture 5Buying Domain & Hosting
Lecture 6Configuring Wordpress Basics
Lecture 7Wordpress Customization
Section 3Search Engine Optimization
Lecture 8Search Engine Overview
Lecture 9Introduction
Lecture 10Introduction to Keywords
Lecture 11Keyword Selection
Lecture 12On Page SEO
Lecture 13HTML Optimization
Lecture 14Architecture Optimization
Section 4Search Optimization II
Lecture 15Off Page SEO
Lecture 16Webmaster Tools
Lecture 17Link Building
Lecture 18Local SEO
Lecture 19SEO Tools & Algorithm
Section 5Web Content/ Blog Marketing
Lecture 20Introduction to Content Marketing
Lecture 21Getting Started with Content Creation
Lecture 22Creating Content Calender
Section 6Email Marketing
Lecture 23Introduction to Email Marketing
Lecture 24Email List Building
Lecture 25Types of Marketing Mailers
Lecture 26Introduction to Opt-in Mailing
Lecture 27Introduction to Mass Mailing
Section 7Google Adwords / PPC
Lecture 2806 Google Adwords / PPC Introduction to Google Adwords
Lecture 29Adwords Campaign Structure
Lecture 30Creating a Winning Adwords Campaign
Lecture 31Adwords Ads Extensions
Lecture 32Keyword Match Types
Lecture 33Introduction to Display Ads
Lecture 34Introduction to Video Ads
Lecture 35Adword Remarketing
Lecture 36Tracking Performance & Conversions
Section 8Web Analytics
Lecture 37Introduction to Web Analytics
Lecture 38Getting Started with Google Analytics
Lecture 39Key GA Reports
Lecture 40Other GA Essentials
Section 9Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization
Lecture 41Getting Started with Lead Generation
Lecture 42Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization
Lecture 43Getting Started with CRO
Section 10Social Media Marketing
Lecture 44Introduction to Social Media
Lecture 45Exploring Social Media Potentials
Lecture 46Social Media Profile Setup
Lecture 47Social Media Learning
Lecture 48Social Media Participation
Lecture 49Social Media Advertising
Section 11Online Reputation Management
Section 12Ecommerce Website Marketing
Lecture 51Getting Started with Ecommerce
Lecture 52Selling Products with Woocommerce
Lecture 53Other Key Ecommerce Essentials
Lecture 54Setting up SaaS Store
Lecture 55Shopping Ads
Section 13Introduction to Marketplace Selling
Lecture 56Getting started with Marketplaces
Lecture 57Registering on Marketplace
Lecture 58Panel Overview
Lecture 59Key Guidelines
Section 14Mobile Marketing
Lecture 60Introduction to Mobile Marketing
Lecture 61Mobile Web Marketing
Lecture 62Tools For ASO
Lecture 63Mobile App Marketing
Section 15Online Media Buying
Lecture 64Introduction to Online Media Buying
Lecture 65Online Ad Types
Lecture 66Online Media Buying Models
Lecture 67Getting Started
Section 16Adsense & Affiliate Marketing
Lecture 68Introduction to Adsense Marketing
Lecture 69Introduction to Affiliate Marketing