TypeClassroom Training
Time3 Days

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Docker Training Course & Certification

Docker Training Course & Certification


Audience & Prerequisites


Docker Course Overview

Consisting of Docker Engine, a portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker Hub, a cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows, Docker enables apps to be quickly assembled from components and eliminates the friction between development, QA, and production environments.

Objectives of Docker Training

  • Run containers on Docker platform
  • Build images to run containers
  • Host private registries
  • Setup various networks to boot containers
  • Work with Docker Remote API
  • Manage a cluster of containers
    • Set up Continuous Integration with Docker

Intended Audience for Docker Course

This course will benefit all IT professionals who actively develop, test and/or deploy code.

Prerequisites for Docker Certification

Candidate should understand CHEF

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Section 1Introduction and History
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Container History
Lecture 3Advantages
Lecture 4The Container Story
Lecture 5Docker Community
Lecture 6Docker Technology
Lecture 7Getting Started
Lecture 8Installing, Upgrading the Kernel
Lecture 9AWS
Lecture 10Vagrant to VM
Lecture 11Vagrant to AWS
Lecture 12Using Docker
Lecture 13Interactive Shell
Lecture 14Docker Group
Lecture 15Running Docker
Lecture 16Docker Repositories
Lecture 17Repository Client
Lecture 18The Rise of the Virtual Machine
Lecture 19The Ugly Virtual Machine
Lecture 20What Are Containers?
Lecture 21Containers Under the Hood
Lecture 22The Future of Docker and Containers
Lecture 23Installing Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux
Lecture 24Downloading Ubuntu
Lecture 25Creating a VM to Install Ubuntu
Lecture 26Installing Ubuntu
Lecture 27Downloading CentOS
Lecture 28Creating a VM to Install CentOS
Lecture 29Installing CentOS
Lecture 30Installing and Updating Docker
Lecture 31Installing Docker on Ubuntu
Lecture 32Installing Docker on CentOS
Lecture 33Updating Docker
Lecture 34Granting Docker Control to Non-root Users
Lecture 35Configuring Docker to Communicate Over the Network
Lecture 36Playing Around with Our First Docker Container
Section 2Major Docker Components
Lecture 37The High Level Picture
Lecture 38The Docker Engine
Lecture 39Docker Images
Lecture 40Docker Containers
Lecture 41Docker Hub
Lecture 42A Closer Look at Images and Containers
Lecture 43Image Layers
Lecture 44Union Mounts
Lecture 45Where Images Are Stored
Lecture 46Copying Images to Other Hosts
Lecture 47The Top Writeable Layer of Containers
Lecture 48One Process per Container
Lecture 49Commands for Working with Containers
Lecture 50Container Management
Lecture 51Starting and Stopping Containers
Lecture 52PID 1 and Containers
Lecture 53Deleting Containers
Lecture 54Looking Inside of Containers
Lecture 55Low-level Container Info
Lecture 56Getting a Shell in a Container
Lecture 57Building from a Dockerfile
Lecture 58Introducing the Dockerfile
Lecture 59Creating a Dockerfile
Lecture 60Building an Image from a Dockerfile
Lecture 61Inspecting a Dockerfile from Docker Hub
Section 3Working with Registries
Lecture 62Creating a Public Repo on Docker Hub
Lecture 63Using Our Public Repo on Docker Hub
Lecture 64Introduction to Private Registries
Lecture 65Building a Private Registry
Lecture 66Using a Private Registry
Lecture 67Docker Hub Enterprise
Lecture 68Diving Deeper with Dockerfile
Lecture 69The Build Cache
Lecture 70Dockerfile and Layers
Lecture 71Building a Web Server Dockerfile
Lecture 72Launching the Web Server Container
Lecture 73Reducing the Number of Layers in an Image
Lecture 74The CMD Instruction
Lecture 75The ENTRYPOINT Instruction
Lecture 76The ENV Instruction
Lecture 77Volumes and the VOLUME Instruction
Lecture 78Module Recap
Section 4Docker Networking
Lecture 79The docker0 Bridge
Lecture 80Virtual Ethernet Interfaces
Lecture 81Network Configuration Files
Lecture 82Exposing Ports
Lecture 83Viewing Exposed Ports
Lecture 84Linking Containers
Lecture 85Troubleshooting
Section 5Docker Daemon Logging
Lecture 86Container Logging
Lecture 87Planning Image Builds
Lecture 88Intermediate Images
Lecture 89The docker0 Bridge
Lecture 90IPTables
Section 6Chef Containers
Lecture 91Building containers with Chef.
Lecture 92Test kitchen with Chef + Docker.
Lecture 93Managing containers with Chef.