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Embedded Systems


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Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are combinations of hardware and software that perform a specific function or perform specific functions within a larger system.


  • To have knowledge about the basic working of a microcontroller system and its
    programming in assembly language.
  • To provide experience to integrate hardware and software for microcontroller
    applications systems.


Basic knowledge of C programming and embedded systems
Lab requirements:
1. One PC / laptop per two participants
2. System shall have any linux distribution such as fedora / Ubuntu with gcc installed (also armlinux-gcc
if possible) or windows with any C compiler such as visual studio (also MinGW if possible).
3. Installation of Keil uVision (version 4 or 5).

Course Outline                                       Duration: 5 Days

Day 1

  • Embedded Systems Overview
    • System, device, subsystem
    • An embedded system (layering)
    • Example of an embedded system
    • Execution environments
    • Cross Development Environment
    • Real Time Systems
  • Embedded C Overview
    • Basics of C Programming Concepts
    • Storage Classes
    • Operators: logical, bitwise
    • Brief on functions
    • Brief on arrays
    • Structure Concept & Structure Padding
    • Unions and bitfields
    • Endianness

Day 2

  • Pointer Concept
  • Pointer Constant
  • Functions and Functional Pointers

Day 3

  • C Preprocessors
  • Typedef
  • C in Embedded Systems
  • Intro to Embedded systems in IOT (Internet of Things) devices
  • General Design practices in Embedded Systems
  • Security In Embedded Systems and related design challenges

Day 4

  • Components of software=>Boot loader, kernel, applications
  • Debugging tools and techniques
  • Complitation steps
  • Tools to read headers and disassembly of executable

Day 5

  • Debugger (gdb)
  • Makefile
  • Creating static and dynamic libraries
  • Linking
  • Crash dump analysis
  • Usage of Linux / RTOS in embedded systems

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