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HP Data Protector Training

This course provides the essential knowledge to enable storage administrators to configure and manage HP Data Protector software. The hands-on lab exercises reinforce the theory sessions to ensure a thorough understanding of backup and recovery concepts, the functionality of the software and its application to typical storage implementations.


  • Install and distribute HP Data Protector software in your environment or perform an upgrade from a previous HP Data Protector version.
  • Configure the HP Data Protector software product.
  • Configure your Tape and Disk based Backup solutions for use with HP Data Protector software.
  • Use HP Data Protector software product to backup, restore, and monitor from the GUI and command line.
  • Manage the HP Data Protector software

Intended Audience

Storage and system administrators using HP Data Protector software.


  • System and Network Administration or equivalent experience.
  • For specific prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications, see the certification description on the HP ExpertOne website.

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 4 Days

  1. HP Adaptive Backup and Recovery Solutions
    • Data Protector 9.0
    • HP Backup Navigator
    • Data Protector Management pack
  2. HP Data Protector Architecture
    • Backup and Replication Methods
    • The Cell Concept
    • Data Protector Architecture
    • Cell Manager and Installation Server
    • Disk, Media and Integration Agents
    • Internal Database
    • Typical Data Protector session
    • Data Protector tuning
  3. Licensing and Product Structure
    • Data Protector licensing
    • Product Structure overview
    • License Reporting and checking
  4. Quick Start
    • Concept Backup Specification
    • Configure Media Pool and Device
    • Configure and run a Backup
    • Monitor the Backup session
    • Start a Restore
    • Run a Single Session Report
  5. HP Data Protector Software Installation
    • Installation Overview, Planning and Methods
    • Cell Manager Installation on Windows
    • Cell Manager Installation on Unix
    • Client Push Installation
    • Export and Import of Clients
    • Adding Components to Clients
  6. Upgrade
    • Upgrade Overview
    • Supported Upgrade Paths
    • Upgrading a Windows Cell Manager
    • Upgrading a Unix Cell Manager
    • Migrating the Cell Manager to a different platform
  7. Media Management
    • Media Pool concept
    • Media Pool Properties
    • Creating a Media Pool
    • Free Pool Concept and Implementation
    • Medium properties
    • Location Tracking and Priority
    • Formatting Tape Media
    • Vaulting with Media Pools
  8. Backup Device
    • Overview
    • Logical Device concept
    • Data Protector Tape Format
    • Configure Tape based Storage Devices
    • Configure Disk based Storage Devices
    • Deduplication Devices
    • Device and Library Tools
  9. Backup
    • Backup Specification Types
    • Backup Features
    • Static and Dynamic Device Allocation
    • Load Balancing – Object Allocation
    • Backup Mirroring
    • Create and start a Backup Specification
    • The Backup Process Flow
    • Monitor the backup session
    • Restart failed Backups
  10. Advanced Scheduler
    • Schedule a Backup
    • Manage missed Job Executions
  11. Restore
    • Performing Restores
    • Restore Sequence
    • Object and Session Restore
    • Single or Parallel Restore
    • Checkpoint Restore
  12. Monitoring, Reporting and Notifications
    • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Session Monitoring
    • Report Categories and Delivery Methods
    • Configure and schedule Reports
    • Web Reporting Interface
    • Default Notification overview
    • Adding Notifications
  13. Media and Object Replication
    • Interactive Media Copy
    • Automated Media Operation
  14. Internal Database (IDB)
    • Concept Embedded database
    • Architecture
    • IDB Directory Structure
    • Internal Database Size Limits
    • Administration Tasks
    • Manage IDB Grow
    • IDB Maintenance
  15. Security
    • Access control
    • User Groups and User Rights
    • Adding Users and Groups
    • User Restrictions
    • LDAP Integration
    • Client and Cell Security
    • Inet Impersonation
    • Changing the Web Interface Password
  16. Auditing
    • Auditing Overview
    • Backup session auditing
    • Enhanced Event Logging
  17. Disaster Recovery
    • Disaster Recovery methods
    • Disaster Recovery phases
    • Create a Disaster Recovery Image
    • Booting the Recovery Image
    • Using the Recovery Progress Monitor
    • Disaster Recovery on Dissimilar Hardware
  18. Troubleshooting
    • Log and Trace Files
    • Debug Traces Generation
    • Debug Log Collector
    • Troubleshoot Network issues
    • Troubleshoot Devices issues
    • Typical Backup and Restore issues
    • omnihealthcheck
    • Object Copy
    • Interactive Object Copy
    • Post Backup and scheduled Object Copy
    • Object Copy and Library Filtering
    • Automatic Device Selection
    • Copy Specification options
  19. Object Consolidation
    • Enhanced Incremental Backups
    • Synthetic Full Backups
    • Virtual Full Backups
    • Interactive Object Consolidation
    • Post Backup and scheduled Object Consolidation
    • Consolidation Specification options
    • Use case scenarios

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After Completing Data Protector Training candidates have to give “HP0-A113” Exam for Certification

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