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HP TRIM Training

Hp Trim is also called Record Manager. This HP Trim course is designed to assist administrators to plan, design and implement workflows in HP Records Manager. Participants will create a workflow relevant to their organisations.

Intended Audience

Includes but is not limited to, records managers, power users, senior business staff and/or core project team members



  • Successful completion of End User training or equivalent experience of 6 months or more using HP TRIM or HP Records Manager in a professional environment.
  • Knowledge of records management principles and internal business processes.



Course Outline                                                  Duration: 1 Day

  1. Prepare a Workflow
  2. Workflow Templates
  3. Security & Modifications
  4. Creating Modifications
  5. Creating Activities
  6. Workflow Properties
  7. Searching
  8. Using a Workflow
  9. Completion and Authorisation

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