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Time4 Days
Implementing Red Hat JBoss BRMS ( JB465 ) Training Course & Certification

Implementing Red Hat JBoss BRMS ( JB465 ) Training Course & Certification


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JB465 – Implementing Red Hat JBoss BRMS Course

Students are given detailed, hands-on exercises using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio and Red Hat JBoss BRMS that are designed to let students create and manage business rules in a production environment. This course can also help you prepare for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Business Rules Management Exam (EX465).

Objectives of JB465 Training

  • Authoring basic business rules in JBoss Developer Studio and Business Central
  • Integrating business rules with Java applications
  • Authoring advanced rules
  • Testing business rules
  • Authoring and testing rules in decision tables
  • Authoring rule templates and generating rules from decision tables
  • Authoring domain-specific languages
  • BRMS architecture and rule execution at run time
  • Controlling rule execution and preventing conflicts
  • Complex event processing (CEP)
  • Integration with Business Central

Intended Audience of JB465 Course

  • Business analysts and enterprise SOA architects who are responsible for creating and adapting business policies.
  • Rule authors responsible for authoring and testing rules.
  • Java EE application developers responsible for integrating business rules into SOA and Java EE enterprise applications.

Prerequisites for JB465 Certification

  • Basic Java/Java EE programming experience.
  • Knowledge of the Eclipse IDE, Maven, and GIT are useful, but not essential.

Course Outline

Overview of this course
  • Learn about the architecture, basic deployment options, and the business need for a business rules management system such as Red Hat JBoss BRMS.
Authoring basic business rules
  • Develop business rule structure and components, including facts working memory.
  • Identify rule components.
  • Author rules with Business Central and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS).
Integrating business rules with Java applications
  • Use the knowledge API to integrate rules processing into an application.
Authoring rules as technical rules, decision tables, templates, and domain-specific language files
  • Author rules using the Business Central technical rule editor and create a spreadsheet decision tables.
  • Create rule templates.
Business rules decision tables and rule templates
  • Create spreadsheets with rules and rule templates.
Domain-specific languages in BRMS
  • Learn the purpose of domain-specific languages (DSLs), how to author them, and how to use them in a rule in BRMS.
  • Use domain-specific languages created by developers to create rules.
Testing business rules
  • Test business rules using both the Business Central web interface and Java coding.
Authoring complex rules with BRMS
  • Author complex business rules using advanced conditions and field constraints.
Controlling rule execution
  • Control rule execution.
  • Learn how to avoid rule conflicts.
Debugging basic business rules in Drools
  • Debug Drools applications in JBDS.
Complex event processing in BRMS
  • Create and use complex event processing (CEP) with rules.
Integration with Business Central
  • Gain an overview of BRMS administration with Business Central, a web application built into BRMS.
  • Learn how to integrate Business Central with Java code.

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