TypeClassroom Training
DateSep 9, 2017
Time2 Days
M.S. Excel Training



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M.S. Excel Training Course & Certification

Microsoft’s Excel is most commonly & powerful used tool which is used worldwide. Innovative technology solutions is having a pool of trainers on Excel who can deliver Microsoft Excel trainings from Basic to Advance level. ITS has delivered more than 1000+ batches on Excel. Delivering training on VBA for Excel is our specialization. ITS is keep on running trainings on Excel in Corporate and for individual as well. Our specially designed course on Microsoft Excel is very easy to learn and it helps to acquire skills to become proficient in excel. ITS do have trainings available on MS- office 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and 2016 as well. We are expert in Excel Online training and can be customize as per participant need. For more enquiry on Excel training, please call @ : +91-9870480053


Candidates should know basic knowledge of computer.

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 2 Days

  1. Managing and Formatting Workbooks and Worksheets
    • Managing & setting up Sheets & Workbooks
    • Viewing the same excel sheets in multiple tabs
    • Freezing the Top Row or the First Column using Freeze Panes
    • Best time saving techniques of managing Page setup options
    • Various formatting techniques along with Conditional Formatting on the basis of Values, Duplicate records, Data bars, etc
  2. Making Excel reports via various Formulas, Functions and Referencing
    • Text Functions like Len, Concatenate, Upper, Lower, Proper & Trim.
    • Logical Functions like If and Multiple Ifs
    • Mathematical Functions like Sum, Abs, Round, Roundup & Rounddown
    • Statistical Functions such as Count, Counta, Countblank, Countif, Countifs, Sumif, Sumifs, Average, Averageifs, Min, Max, Small and Large
    • Lookup Functions such as Vlookup and Hlookup on exact & approximate match
    • Freezing a cell address in a formula by placing $ sign (Absolute Referencing)
    • Linking multiple sheets and workbooks in formula (3D Referencing)
  3.   Working with Data
    • Creating and Modifying Custom Lists
    • Separating the data using Text to Columns
    • Sorting the data in Alphabetical order on single & multiple fields
    • Sorting the data in Customized order by importing the lists
    • Sorting the data in Left to right order
    • Extracting the data using Filters & Advance Filters (Number Filters, Text Filters, Date & Time Filters, Unique Records, Duplicate records & Colour Filtering)
  4. Analysing the data through Pivot Tables
    • Choosing the best Layouts & adding the fields
    • Applying multiple functions on pivot tables
    • Conversions of blank cells & error values with 0
  5. Representing Data in Graphical Form
    • Choosing the best charts as per the data
    • Using Column Charts, Bar Chart, Line Charts & Pie Charts
    • Formatting Charts, adding Chart Titles & changing Chart Locations
    • Linking Charts with Word and PowerPoint
  6. Working with Advance Excel Functions
    • Performing the lookups on the right field instead of left
    • Performing the lookups on multiple tables with various conditions
    • Performing the lookups on multiple fields
    • Performing the case sensitive lookups
    • Combining the horizontal & vertical lookups via Match & Index Functions
    • Date functions like Today, Now, Day, Month, Year, Workdays & Networkdays
    • Statistical Functions like Median and Mode
  7. Working with Range and Naming Convention
    • Applying a Name to a cell and range of cells
    • Modifying, Deleting Range Names & Automatically creating Names on the basis of Headings
  8. Handling Data
    • Linking Excel Data with Word Documents, PDF Files & external objects through Hyperlinks
    • Importing the Data from External Sources like Text Files, CSV Files, etc
    • Representation of the Data in a better structure using Tables
    • Removing Duplicate records from the Excel data
    • Designing quick dashboards/forms by restricting specific data through Data Validations
    • Protecting the dashboards/forms via Locking & Unlocking specific part of sheets
    • Consolidating the reports from various workbooks via Data Consolidation
  9. Analysing Excel Data
    • Applying Subtotals to analyse the data on single & multiple fields
    • Grouping and Ungrouping the Excel Data in Pivot Tables
    • Adding Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables
  10. Performing What if Analysis Tools
    • Calculating Input Value on the basis of Output Value using Goal Seek
    • Analysing the Data with multiple Scenarios using Scenarios Manager
  11. Automation of Tasks & Graphical Representation(As per the availability of the time)
    • Representing data by combining Column & Line Charts on multiple axis
    • Representing data contributions by Pie of Pie chart or Bar of Pie Charts
    • Improving the tasks through Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Automation of the tasks by Recording Macros
    • Saving workbooks with Macro Compatible options

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