TypeClassroom Training
DateSep 9, 2017
Time2 Days

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M.S. Excel Training



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M.S. Excel Training Course & Certification

Microsoft’s most commonly & powerful used tool is  Excel, which is used worldwide. And with specially designed course this is very easy to acquire skills to become proficient & using the excel easily. ITS do have courses available on MS- office 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and 2016 as well.


Candidates should know basic knowledge of computer.

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 2 Days

  1. Managing and Formatting Workbooks and Worksheets
    • Managing & setting up Sheets & Workbooks
    • Viewing the same excel sheets in multiple tabs
    • Freezing the Top Row or the First Column using Freeze Panes
    • Best time saving techniques of managing Page setup options
    • Various formatting techniques along with Conditional Formatting on the basis of Values, Duplicate records, Data bars, etc
  2. Making Excel reports via various Formulas, Functions and Referencing
    • Text Functions like Len, Concatenate, Upper, Lower, Proper & Trim.
    • Logical Functions like If and Multiple Ifs
    • Mathematical Functions like Sum, Abs, Round, Roundup & Rounddown
    • Statistical Functions such as Count, Counta, Countblank, Countif, Countifs, Sumif, Sumifs, Average, Averageifs, Min, Max, Small and Large
    • Lookup Functions such as Vlookup and Hlookup on exact & approximate match
    • Freezing a cell address in a formula by placing $ sign (Absolute Referencing)
    • Linking multiple sheets and workbooks in formula (3D Referencing)
  3.   Working with Data
    • Creating and Modifying Custom Lists
    • Separating the data using Text to Columns
    • Sorting the data in Alphabetical order on single & multiple fields
    • Sorting the data in Customized order by importing the lists
    • Sorting the data in Left to right order
    • Extracting the data using Filters & Advance Filters (Number Filters, Text Filters, Date & Time Filters, Unique Records, Duplicate records & Colour Filtering)
  4. Analysing the data through Pivot Tables
    • Choosing the best Layouts & adding the fields
    • Applying multiple functions on pivot tables
    • Conversions of blank cells & error values with 0
  5. Representing Data in Graphical Form
    • Choosing the best charts as per the data
    • Using Column Charts, Bar Chart, Line Charts & Pie Charts
    • Formatting Charts, adding Chart Titles & changing Chart Locations
    • Linking Charts with Word and PowerPoint
  6. Working with Advance Excel Functions
    • Performing the lookups on the right field instead of left
    • Performing the lookups on multiple tables with various conditions
    • Performing the lookups on multiple fields
    • Performing the case sensitive lookups
    • Combining the horizontal & vertical lookups via Match & Index Functions
    • Date functions like Today, Now, Day, Month, Year, Workdays & Networkdays
    • Statistical Functions like Median and Mode
  7. Working with Range and Naming Convention
    • Applying a Name to a cell and range of cells
    • Modifying, Deleting Range Names & Automatically creating Names on the basis of Headings
  8. Handling Data
    • Linking Excel Data with Word Documents, PDF Files & external objects through Hyperlinks
    • Importing the Data from External Sources like Text Files, CSV Files, etc
    • Representation of the Data in a better structure using Tables
    • Removing Duplicate records from the Excel data
    • Designing quick dashboards/forms by restricting specific data through Data Validations
    • Protecting the dashboards/forms via Locking & Unlocking specific part of sheets
    • Consolidating the reports from various workbooks via Data Consolidation
  9. Analysing Excel Data
    • Applying Subtotals to analyse the data on single & multiple fields
    • Grouping and Ungrouping the Excel Data in Pivot Tables
    • Adding Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables
  10. Performing What if Analysis Tools
    • Calculating Input Value on the basis of Output Value using Goal Seek
    • Analysing the Data with multiple Scenarios using Scenarios Manager
  11. Automation of Tasks & Graphical Representation(As per the availability of the time)
    • Representing data by combining Column & Line Charts on multiple axis
    • Representing data contributions by Pie of Pie chart or Bar of Pie Charts
    • Improving the tasks through Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Automation of the tasks by Recording Macros
    • Saving workbooks with Macro Compatible options

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