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Time2 Days

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Office 365 EndUser Training Course & Certification

Office 365 EndUser Training Course & Certification


Audience & Prerequisites


Office 365 EndUser Training Course

This course involves a complete understanding of Microsoft Office365 for the end users who aspire to use Office Apps on the Windows OS and OS X. The course delivery includes demonstrations of providing storage space on the cloud service called One Drive owned by Microsoft. Various plans offered by Office365 consisting to support emails, access to social networking services through Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, Office Online, Yammer integration and much more are explained during the course.

Objectives of Office 365 EndUser Training

Prerequisites for Office 365 EndUser  Certification

  • Basic computer skills.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office & Basic SharePoint Skills.

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Section 1Get started with Office 365
Lecture 1How to sign in to Office 365 for business
Lecture 2Select a subscription plan
Lecture 3Office 365 Admin panel
Lecture 4Office 365 Interface
Lecture 5Exercise Labs
Section 2Get started with the new Office
Lecture 6Use office online tools
Lecture 7Differences between desktop and online versions
Lecture 8L ogin through desktop application
Section 3Install Office with Office 365
Lecture 9Install Office using Office 365 for business
Lecture 10Learn your way around Office 365 for business
Section 4Use my Office desktop applications with Office 365
Lecture 11Connect with one drive
Lecture 12Upload and download document
Lecture 13Sharing with desktop application
Lecture 14Connect with local drive through sync folder
Section 5Set up and use Office 365 on your phone or tablet
Lecture 15Set up a mobile device using Office 365 for business
Lecture 16configure outlook online with rules and signature
Lecture 17Add and Remove users to Exchange Server
Section 6Start using Office and Office Online
Lecture 18Use Ms Word Online and Desktop
Lecture 19How to use Ms Excel 365 online and desktop
Lecture 20How to use Ms PowerPoint 365 online and desktop
Lecture 21How to use Ms OneNote online and desktop
Section 7Start using SharePoint sites, OneDrive for Business, and Newsfeed to share documents and ideas
Lecture 22Working with SharePoint team Site
Lecture 23Using One drive features
Lecture 24How to use yammer or Newsfeed portal
Section 8Start using Outlook Web App for email and calendars
Lecture 25Getting started
Lecture 26E-mail
Lecture 27E-mail management
Lecture 28Contact management
Lecture 29Tasks
Lecture 30Appointments and events
Lecture 31Meeting requests and responses
Lecture 32Customizing Outlook
Lecture 33Customizing messages
Lecture 34Organising items
Lecture 35Folders
Lecture 36Organising Mail
Lecture 37Mailbox
Lecture 38Notes and Journal folders
Lecture 39Calendar and Contacts
Section 9Change your account settings in Office 365 like your password or language
Section 10One Note 365 Desktop and online
Lecture 41What is OneNote?
Lecture 42Create and organize Quick Notes
Lecture 43Create your first OneNote 2013
Lecture 44Format notes
Lecture 45Format pages
Lecture 46Adding images, audio, and video
Lecture 47Searching notebooks
Lecture 48Using templates
Lecture 49Converting handwriting to type text
Lecture 50Take your notes anywhere on any device
Lecture 51Using Tables in OneNote
Section 11Start using Skype for Business
Lecture 52Get started with the basics
Lecture 53Run more effective meetings with Skype for Business
Lecture 54Presence, IM, and Contacts
Lecture 55Schedule, Join, and Conduct Skype for Business (Lync) Meetings
Lecture 56Make audio and video calls
Section 12SharePoint Online
Lecture 57Use of team site
Lecture 58Creating List and Libraries
Lecture 59Working with Different list and lib.
Lecture 60Creating Sub sites
Lecture 61Change lo ok and feel for team site.