TypeClassroom Training
Time5 Days
Openstack Mirantis Training Course & Certification

Openstack Mirantis Training Course & Certification


Audience & Prerequisites


Openstack Mirantis Training Course Overview

This five day  Open Stack Mirantis Training course is for deployment engineers,administrators, architects or other IT team members responsible for the installation and deployments of OpenStack. The course provides participants with detailed understanding of the steps necessary to deploy an OpenStack environment from scratch. Through the process of manually deploying OpenStack, apart from automation service, students learn how to identify issues & how to overcome hurdles for when things go wrong. This course requires students to be very familiar with linux(operating system) command line (bash).

Intended Audience for Openstack-Mirantis Training

  • System Administrator
  • Deployment Engineers
  • Solution Architects

Prerequisites for Openstack Mirantis Certification

  • Strong experience using Linux command line.
  • Experience editing conf files with vi or other cli editor

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Section 1Openstack Architecture
Lecture 1Overview of project history and releases.
Lecture 2Core project overview
Lecture 3Typical openstack component architecture.
Lecture 4Components specifics and details.
Lecture 5Logical and physical networks in Openstack.
Section 2Openstack Manual Installation
Lecture 6Configure the OS (Ubuntu 14.04) and networking.
Lecture 7Installing and configuring database (MySQL) and messaging (RabbitMQ) servers.
Lecture 8Installing and configuring the OpenStack Identity (Keystone).
Lecture 9Installing and configuring the OpenStack Image Service (glance).
Section 3OpenStack Networking & Storage
Lecture 10Installing the OpenStack Networking (neutron) service
Lecture 11Configuring Networking (neutron) to use the ML2 plug-in with the Open vSwitch driver
Lecture 12Installing and configuring the OpenStack Compute (nova),Configuring OpenStack Compute (nova) with KVM hypervisor.
Lecture 13Installing and configuring OpenStack dashboard (horizon)
Lecture 14Installing and configuring OpenStack Block Storage (cinder)
Lecture 15Configuring OpenStack Block Storage (cinder) to use two back ends (LVM)
Lecture 16Installing and configuring OpenStack Orchestration (heat)
Section 4Fuel overview and architecture
Lecture 17Fuel overview,Fuel Architecture.
Lecture 18Install Fuel
Lecture 19Deploy OpenStack environment with Fuel
Lecture 20Fuel limitations
Lecture 21Fuel troubleshooting.
Section 5Horizon
Lecture 22Project Overview
Lecture 23Launch nodes from dashboard & cli.
Lecture 24Manage projects
Lecture 25Manage users and quotas.
Lecture 26Manage networks.
Section 6KeyStone
Lecture 27Project overview.
Lecture 28Manage keystone identity service via cli
Section 7Glance
Lecture 29Project Overview
Lecture 30Manage images via cli
Section 8SWIFT
Lecture 31Project Overview
Lecture 32Usage and Use cases
Lecture 33Replication,Security/ACL’s.
Lecture 34Swift Operations,Uploading in segments
Lecture 35Adding metadata to Objects,Maintenance.
Section 9HEAT
Lecture 36Heat background & use cases.
Lecture 37Heat architecture.
Lecture 38Heat Orchestration TEmplate (HOT) format.
Lecture 39Heat Autoscaling.