TypeClassroom Training
Time2 Days



Panorama 8.0 Manage Multilple Firewall Training Course & Certification


Audience & Prerequisites


Panorama 8.0 Manage Multilple Firewall Training Course

This course provides an in-depth knowledge of how to configure and manage their Palo Alto Networks Panorama Management Server. Upon completion of this course, administrators will understand the Panorama server’s role in managing and securing their overall network. Network professionals will learn to use Panorama’s aggregated reporting to provide them with a holistic view of a network of Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls.

Prerequisites for Panorama 8.0 Certification

Completion of PAN 201

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Section 1Overview
Section 2Initial Configuration
Section 3Templates
Section 4Device Groups
Section 5Administration
Section 6Logging and Reporting
Section 7Log Collectors
Section 8Business Continuity