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Time4 Days

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Project Management Professional - PMP Training Course & Certification

Project Management Professional – PMP Training Course & Certification


Audience & Prerequisites


PMP Training Course Overview

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a qualification program overseen by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In the computer and information technology industries, the term project management (PM) refers to a methodical approach to software development through defined stages called initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing.

Objectives of PMP Course

  • Understand projects & project management(PM) disciplines
  • Learn the project management processes described in the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition
  • Work out more practice questions to greatly improve their chance of passing the test
  • Discover hints & tricks on how to answer the exam questions

Intended Audience for PMP Training

  • Project Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Project Team Members
  • Managers (Directors, General Managers)
  • Professionals interested in applying for the PMP Exam.

Prerequisites for PMP Certification

There is no prerequisite for this course.

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Section 1Project Management Framework
Lecture 1What is a Project?
Lecture 2 What is Project Management?
Lecture 3 Project vs Program vs Portfolio
Lecture 4Importance of PMO
Lecture 5Types of Organization and their influences in a project
Lecture 6Other factors influencing a project
Lecture 7Stakeholders and their influence in a project
Lecture 8Interaction of process groups, processes and knowledge areas
Section 2Project Integration Management
Lecture 9Develop Project Charter
Lecture 10Develop Project Management Plan
Lecture 11Direct and Manage Project Work
Lecture 12Monitor and Control Project Work
Lecture 13Perform Integrated Change Control
Lecture 14Close Project or Phase
Section 3Project Scope Management
Lecture 15Plan Scope Management
Lecture 16Collect Requirements
Lecture 17Define Scope
Lecture 18Create WBS
Lecture 19 Validate Scope
Lecture 20Control Scope
Section 4Project Time Management
Lecture 21 Plan Schedule Management
Lecture 22Define Activities
Lecture 23Sequence Activities
Lecture 24Estimate Activity Resources
Lecture 25Estimate Activity Durations
Lecture 26Develop Schedule
Lecture 27Control Schedule
Section 5Project Cost Management
Lecture 28Plan Cost Management
Lecture 29Estimate Costs
Lecture 30Determine Budget
Lecture 31Control Costs
Section 6Project Quality Management
Lecture 32Plan Quality Management
Lecture 33Perform Quality Assurance
Lecture 34Control Quality
Section 7Project Human Resource Management
Lecture 35Plan Human Resource Management
Lecture 36Acquire Project Team
Lecture 37Develop Project Team
Lecture 38Manage Project Team
Section 8Project Communication Management
Lecture 39Plan Communications Management
Lecture 40Manage Communications
Lecture 41Control Communications
Section 9Project Risk Management
Lecture 42Plan Risk Management
Lecture 43Identify Risks
Lecture 44Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Lecture 45Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Lecture 46Plan Risk Responses
Lecture 47Control Risks
Section 10Project Procurement Management
Lecture 48 Plan Procurement Management
Lecture 49Control Procurements
Lecture 50Conduct Procurements
Lecture 51Close Procurements
Section 11Project Stakeholder Management
Lecture 52Identify Stakeholders
Lecture 53Plan Stakeholder Management
Lecture 54Manage Stakeholder Engagement
Lecture 55Control Stakeholder Engagement