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Ranorex v8.x training in gurgaon


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Ranorex v8.x (Basic to Advanced) Training

Ranorex Studio is a GUI test automation framework provided by Ranorex GmbH, a software development company. The framework is used for the testing of desktop, web-based and mobile applications.Ranorex Studio supports development of automated test modules using standard programming languages such as C# and VB.NET


  • Object Identification using RanoreXpath
  • Automating Window Application Testing
  • Automating Web Application Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Creating & Running Test using manual C# Scripting
  • Creating Scripts using Descriptive Programming
  • Hybrid Model with Recorded Module & Code Module
  • Remote Execution using Ranorex Remote Agent
  • Remote Executing Web Test with Selenium Integration


  • Software Testing Concepts
  • Xpath & CSS Concepts
  • C# Language fundamentals

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 3 Days

Day I

  • Introduction to Ranorex Tool
  • Components of Ranorex Tool
  • Interpreting Ranorex Studio IDE
  • Working with Ranorex Spy tool
  • Object Identification Techniques of Ranorex
  • Tracking Objects of Window application
  • Understanding RanoreXpath
  • Manually writing RanoreXpath
  • Working with Ranorex Instrumentation Wizard
  • Installing Ranorex Add-on to Firefox & Chrome
  • Tracking Objects of Web Applications in IE, Firefox & Chrome
  • Using CSS within RanoreXpath
  • Using regular expression in RanoreXpath
  • Different types of RanoreXpath Generation Modes
  • Understanding difference between Simple, Reduce & StepCostReduce Model
  • Customizing RanoreXpath with Quantile / Sibling Factors
  • Creating Ranorex C# Project
  • Interpreting Ranorex Project & Solution
  • Understanding Ranorex Project File System
  • Understanding References used in Project
  • Working with Window Application
    • Recording a Test on Window Application
    • Interpreting Recorded Keyword Data
    • Interpreting C# code behind Keyword Data
    • Running And Analyzing Ranorex Log Results
  • Working with Web Application
    • Recording a Test on Web Application
    • Interpreting Recorded Keyword Data
    • Interpreting C# code behind Keyword Data
    • Running And Analyzing Ranorex Log Results
  • Ranorex Architecture
  • Working with Ranorex Repository
    • Adding Items to Repository using Tracking
    • Adding Items to opened Repository using <Ctrl>+<LWin> shortcut
    • Adding Items to Repository manually and defining Path
    • Creating Additional Repository and Adding Items
    • Cleaning up Repository with unused Items
    • Mapping a particular Repository to Recording Module
    • Mapping & Embedding Repository in Recording Module
    • Using single repository as Shared repository
  • Manually Creating & Running Module
  • Installing Ranorex Remote Agent
  • Adding multiple TestRun Configuration for remote executions
  • Running Ranorex diff. TestRun Configurations of Test Suite on one or more Remote Agent

Day II

  • Creating Individual Folders to manage various Items
  • Creating Individual Repository
  • Creating reusable sub modules for end-to-end automation
  • Creating Test Case in Test Suite with sub modules
  • Running & Analyzing Results of Test Suite
  • Creating Test Data in External Excel File
  • Adding external Excel File as Data Source
  • Creating Module Variable in module
  • Parameterizing Module Step / Repository RanorexPath
  • Adding Data Binding to Test Case & binding Excel Column to Module Parameter
  • Running Data Driven Test Case & Analyzing Data
  • Adding Validation to Module to validate parameterized data
  • Reporting Snapshot to Log
  • Assignment: Create modular end-to-end DDDT script for Web Application
  • Working with Test Fixtures
    • Adding Setup & Teardown Block to Test Cases & Test Suites
    • Adding Modules to Setup & Teardown Blocks
    • Running Test Case / Test Suite with Test Fixtures
  • Working with Validations
    • Adding Validation Step through Recording
    • Performing Item Existence Validation
    • Performing Item Text, Size, Location Validation
    • Performing Image Content Validation
  • Working with Image Based Item Recognition
    • Recording Test using Image Based Recognition
    • Running & Analyzing Results
    • Customizing Image Recognition properties
  • Working with Code Modules
    • Adding Code Module to Project
    • Understanding C# Code Structure
    • Adding MessageBox Code
    • Running & Analyzing Results
    • Adding Report Log Message
    • Running & Analyzing Results
  • Working with End-to-End Code Modules (for Win App)
    • Creating Individual Modules using Repository for:
      • Opening Application
      • Validating Application
      • Closing Application
    • Creating & Running Test Case with Code Modules
    • Adding Code Module Parameter
    • Adding Validation in Code Module
    • Reporting Screenshot from Code Module
    • Creating & Running DDT Test Case using Code Modules
  • Assignment:
    • Creating & Running DDT Test Case using Code Modules (C# Scripting) for Web Application


  • Working with Libraries
    • Adding User Code Collection to Project
    • Understanding C# User Code Collection Class Structure
    • Adding User Defined Static Methods
    • Calling User Defined Methods from Code Module
    • Running & Analyzing Results
  • Working with Descriptive Programming
  • Working with Page Object Model Classes
    • Creating & Running POM Classes for Win App
    • Creating & Running POM Classes for Web App
  • Working with Dynamic Find Option
  • Working with Hybrid Test Models
    • Creating a New Test Case in Test Suite
    • Adding Recoded Module
    • Adding Code Module
    • Running & Analyzing Results
  • Handling Popups using PopupWatcher
    • Creating PopupWatcher class
    • Adding Watch configuration
    • Handling Popups at Code Level
    • Handling Popups at Suite Level using Setup & TearDown
  • between Ranorex Remote Agent & Selenium WebDriver Endpoint
  • Ranorex & Selenium WebDriver Integration
    • Configuring Selenium Grid Hub & Node with Timeout
    • Adding Selenium Grid EndPoint
    • Running Ranorex Web TestCase on remote Selenium Endpoint
    • Analyzing Remote Execution Results

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