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SAP Basis Training

Basis is a set of programs and tools that act as an interface with Database, Operating system, Communication protocols and business applications (such as FI, CO, MM,etc). Full form of BASIS is “Business Application Software Integrated solution”. SAP applications such as FI,CO,PP etc. can run and communicate with each other across different Operating systems and Databases with the help of BASIS. The SAP BASIS training and certification course provide a detailed overview of the necessary steps involved in managing the technical architecture and allowing constant communication between the server infrastructure, business application and software. During the course of training, candidates will also learn to monitor the communication between different operating systems and databases used for data storage.


  • Understand the functionality and architecture of R/3, the complete set of integrated business applications.
  • Define system central interfaces including work process architecture, services, and process.
  • Comprehend the installation and post installation activities.
  • Configuring and administering different operation modes.
  • Monitor background processing and handle performance tuning.
  • Work on Profile management to configure Memory, CPU, Buffer process.
  • Connect to different databases and configure the linked services.
  • Regulate the access methods and administer single/mass user

Intended Audience

  • System Administrator
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant


Candidates should have should have basic knowledge of ERP.

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 10 Days

  1. Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Types of ERP’s
    • Features of ERP
    • SAP History and Modules SAP
    • Striking features of SAP
  2. Installation of SAP Software
    • Checking Installation Requirements
    • Installing Hardware, Base Software and Configure the network
    • Install the Central Instance
    • Install Database Software
    • Post-Installation steps and applying R/3 Help Licensing the
    • SAP Installations
  3. Architecture of SAP R/3
    • R/3 Basis Software
    • Basis Architectural Group
    • SAP-System Central Interfaces SAP
    • Services with Dispatcher
    • SAP R/3 Communication Protocols
  4. SAP User Administration
    • User Creation, Deletion, Change, Password reset and Lock /Unlock (SU1,SU2,SU3,SU01)
    • Mass User Management(SU10)
    • SAP User Information Maintenance (SUIM)
    • User Group Mechanism (SUGR)
    • Missing Authorization Management (SU53)
    • User Trace Mechanism (ST01)
  5. Security Authorization and Profiles
    • Security authorizations and profiles System
    • Authorization objects
    • Authorization check and Maintenance (SU24)
    • Sap Tables and Reports (SE16,SE16N)
    • System Profile Parameters for managing User and Authorizations
  6. Role / Profile generator Administration
    • Introduction to Roles and authorizations (PFCG) Types of Roles –
    • Single/Composite and Derived roles Derived roles – Organization values
    • Role Creation/Deletion/Change and Transports Role Re-
    • Conciliation Mechanism (PFUD,SUPC)
  7. Client Administration
    • Introduction to SAP Clients
    • Client Creation, Deletion and Copy (SCC4,SCC5 ) Local Client
    • Copy (SCCL)
    • Remote Client Copy (SCC8)
    • Client Export / Import Mechanism (SCC9)
  8. Transport Management System
    • Overview of the Complete Process of Transporting Configure
    • Systems and Domain Control
    • Configure transport routes (STMS) Distributing and
    • Verifying TMS Configuration
    • Create Transport requests and Releasing tasks (SE01,SE09,SE10) Monitor
    • Transports and Repairs
    • Transport rules and Transport errors
    • Overview of R3 Trans Program
  9. Computing Central Management System
    • Monitoring Profile Parameter (RZ10)
    • Define and assign operation mode (RZ04) RFC Establishment (SM59)
    • Tune Summary (ST02)
    • Work Load – Monitoring (ST03)
    • Work-Process Overview (SM50,SM51,SM66)
    • Active User monitoring (SM04,AL08)
    • Introduction to Background Jobs
    • Define Background Jobs and Re-Scheduling (SM36,SM37)
    • Analysis on Cancelled Background Jobs
    • Analysis on system -dumps (ST22)
    • Applying system Messages (SM02)
  10. Spool Administration
    • Introduction to Spool and Types of Spools
    • Install Local/ Remote Spools
    • Configure and Trouble Shoot Spool System (SAPD)
    • Print Request and Output Request Mechanism(SP01,SP02)
  11. Patch Administration
    • Introduction to Patch and SNOTE (SNOTE) Applying
    • Patches and SPAM Updates (SPAM)
  12. SAP Administration for Oracle Database
    • Introduction to Oracle under R/3 environment Oracle
    • Directory Structure for R/3 environment Database Mount / No mount stages
  13. Real-Time environment with ticketing tools
    • Providing Real -time issues and Tickets/Cases End-user
    • Missing authorization Screenshots
    • How to resolve the high priority issues

Course Duration: 10 Days

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