SAP Process Integration (BIT400v15)


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SAP Process Integration (BIT400v15)

In this course, you will acquire knowledge for configuring SAP Process Integration (PI). You will learn how to implement different integration scenarios with SAP and non-SAP applications.

This course is based on software release SAP Process Integration 7.40.

Intended Audience

Candidate must have knowledge about courses :

  • SAP NetWaver Application Server – Fundamentals
  • SAP NetWaver Integration Technology Overview


  • Business process architects
  • Developers
  • Developer consultants
  • System administrators
  • System architects
  • Technology consultants

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 5 Days

1. SAP Process Integration Architecture

  • SAP Process Integration Architecture
  • Functionality and Utilization of SAP Process Integration

2. The System Landscape Directory (SLD) Maintaining Products and Software Components in the System

  • Landscape Directory (SLD)
  • Implementing Technical Systems in the System Landscape Directory
  • Maintaining Business Systems for Use in the Integration Directory

3. Interface Objects in the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)

  • Options for Navigating the Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) Analyzing Interface Objects in the Enterprise Services Repository
  • (ESR)
  • Maintaining Interface Objects
  • Message Processing Types and Quality of Services

4. Object Mapping in the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)

  • Creating Message Mapping Objects
  • Mapping Between Service Interfaces
  • Asynchronous Integration Scenarios

5. Configuration of Integration Directory Communication Objects

  • Using Configuration Views
  • Creating Communication Channels in the Integration Directory (ID)

6. Configuration of Integration Directory Objects for ABAP Processing

  • Analyzing Objects Used in the Configuration of Integration
  • Engine (IE) Communication
  • Analyzing Routing Objects Used in Integration Engine (IE) Communication
  • Analyzing Multiple Receiver Objects Used in Integration Engine
  • (IE) Communication

7. Configuration of Integration Directory Objects for Java Processing

  • Maintaining Objects for Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE)-Only
  • Processing
  • Maintaining Objects for Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)
  • Message Processing
  • Creating and Deploying Integration Flows to the Advanced Adapter
  • Engine Extended (AEX)

8. Operations of SAP Process Integration

  • Runtime Workbench
  • Process Integration Monitoring (PIMon) Home
  • SAP NetWeaver Administrator

9. Connectivity Options for SAP Process Integration

  • Connectivity Options between Back-End Systems with SAP Process Integration

10. HTTP Connectivity Options

  • Configuring the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Adapter
  • Proxy Technology
  • Checking the HTTP ABAP Adapter
  • HTTP_AAE (Java) Adapter

11. File Adapter Configuration

  • Configuring the Receiver File Adapter
  • Configuring a Sender File Adapter

12. Intermediate Document (IDoc) Connectivity Options

  • Intermediate Document (IDoc) Adapter with the Receiver
  • Intermediate Document Adapter for the ABAP Stack
  • Sender Intermediate Document (IDoc) Adapter
  • Intermediate Document (IDoc) Adapter in the Advanced
  • Adapter Engine (AAE)
  • Configuring a Complete Intermediate Document (IDoc) Scenario

13. Configuration of SAP Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) Connectivity

  • Configuring the Receiver Remote Function Call (RFC) Adapter
  • Configuring the Sender Remote Function Call (RFC) Scenario

14. Enterprise Services and B2B Connectivity

  • Enterprise Services
  • Configuring Business-to-Business (B2B) Connectivity
  • Cross-Component Business Process Management (ccBPM) Integration Processes
  • Runtime of the Cross-Component Business Process
  • Management (ccBPM)
  • Steps to Create and Use an Integration Process

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