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Selenium Advanced Training & Certification Course 


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Selenium Advance

This advanced-level course is designed to bring testing professionals who use Selenium to a new level of skill with the tool. Testers will learn how to use advanced Selenium features to enhance Selenium automated test suites using the Eclipse IDE Editor. Hands-on instruction is provided for those who want to explore the power of using Selenium.WebDriver is devised to offer a simple and brief programming interface as well as addresses a number of limitations in the Selenium-RC API.This training is essentially planned for those professionals who have the understanding of basic Java and selenium. Nowadays, Selenium WebDriver 2 is a most accepted tool. The focus is on the practical application of Selenium to resolve web automated testing challenges with sophistication.


  • Utilize advanced programming techniques to drive Selenium
  • Work with Regular Expressions and Pattern-based Verification
  • Handle Exceptions that halt Test Execution
  • Perform SQL calls to verify data
  • Programmatically search for web objects
  • Dynamically capture data from web controls
  • Design a data-driven testing framework in Selenium
  • Create distributed user testing to perform multi-user tests (Selenium Grid tests)

Intended Audience

The target audience is software testers who are seeking to automate the testing of web applications using Selenium at a high technical level. This course is designed primarily for testing professionals who use Selenium. The audience might also include quality assurance practitioners, managers, or team leaders who are responsible for interacting with testers or who need to ensure that the tools are being implemented fully and appropriately.


    • At least 3 months of experience implementing automated testing with Selenium (recommended)


  • ITS Course: Introduction to Selenium
  • Some software development experience (recommended)
  • General understanding of web-based applications (desired)
  • Knowledge of Java programming is not a prerequisite for this course, but such knowledge is beneficial.

Course Outline                                               Duration: 3 Days

Chapter 1: More advanced Features in Selenium 

  • JavaScript Injection
  • Robot API for window based controls 20
  • Exercise 1.1 – Using Robot APIs
  • Testing file uploads and downloads
  • Exercise 1.2 – Testing File Upload and download
  • Handling Date Time Picker using Selenium
  • Exercise 1.3 – Testing Date Picker
  • SSL Certificate Error Handling in Selenium
  • Exercise 1.4 – Handling SSL Errors
  • Execute JavaScript based code using Selenium Webdriver
  • How to Find Broken links using Selenium Webdriver
  • Handling Cookies in Selenium WebDriver
  • Drag and Drop in Webdriver

Chapter 2: AJAX, Listener & dynamic applications           

  • Dynamic objects – variable xpaths
  • Dynamic Web Table Handling
  • Exercise 2.1 – Working with Dynamic Web Table
  • Handling AJAX Drop-Downs
  • Mouse over menus and frames using Action class.
  • Exercise 2.2 – Working on Action Class
  • Right click on an object

Chapter 3: Web Tables         

  • What is Web Table
  • Extracting data from web tables
  • Examples on static and dynamic Web Tables
  • Creating Reusable functions for Web Tables
  • Exercise 3.1 – Creating Reusable functions for Web Tables

Chapter 4: Database testing using web driver      

  • Installing MySQL Database
  • Overview on Connection Interface, Statement Interface, Preapared Statement and Resultset Interfaces.
  • Example program to Access Database.
  • Some examples on SELECT,UPDTE and DELETE queies
  • Exercise 4.1 – Testing Database functionalities
  • Some Webdriver examples using Data fetched from Database

Chapter 5 : DataDriven Framework using TestNG 

  • Building Test Base Class using testNG annotations
  • Reading XPATHS, Configuration from properties file
  • Implementing WebDriver implicit wait using WebdriverWait
  • Build utility functions
  • Implementing tests, batch running them and parameterization using xls file
  • Exercise .1 – Handson Use case with Data Driven approach
  • Controlling Execution order from XLS Files

Chapter 6: Page Objects & Page Factory Framework using TestNG        

  • Test Case Scenario to be done using Page Factory Pattern and TestNG

Chapter 7: Reporting           

  • Installing Extent Report Plugin in Eclipse
  • Methods in Extent Report
  • Exercise 6.1 – Extent Report Implementation

Chapter 8: Maven Project Management Tool       

  • Selenium Integration with Build Tool: Maven
  • Integration with Advanced Reporting Mechanism
  • Integration with log4j Reporting Library
  • Automation Platform Development: Desktop, RESTapi, Mobile
  • Comparison between Ant and Maven
  • Installation of Maven
  • Understanding Maven Structure
  • Creating a Maven Project in Eclipse
  • Maven Build Cycles
  • Sample Demo of Build Session of Maven Project
  • Understanding Maven Dependencies
  • Understanding Maven Repositories
  • Exercise 7.1 – Demo of Maven Eclipse Integration


Chapter 9: Continuous Integration Testing using Jenkins

  • What is Jenkins
  • Continuous Build Integration Tools
  • How to install Jenkins
  • How to create a simple job
  • Exercise 8.1 – Creating Jobs in Jenkins
  • Integrating Jenkins to the Project
  • Integrating Jenkins with Eclipse
  • Exercise 8.2 – Integrating Jenkins with Eclipse

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