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Selenium with Appium

Selenium with Appium Training Course & Certification


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Selenium with Appium Training

This course details Functional and Regression Automation Testing using Selenium. It emphasizes on practical implementation of all Selenium concepts. Appium enables Android automation & iOS using Selenium WebDriver. The same WebDriver bindings can be used across mobile & web.

Objectives of Selenium with Appium Course

  • Open Source
    • Apache 2.0 License
  • Cross Platform
    • Test Android on OS X, Windows, Linux
    • Test iOS on OS X
  • Native, Mobile Web, Hybrid
  • Any language. Any framework.
    • No app changes or source code access required.

Intended Audience for Selenium with Appium Certification

  • New users of Selenium who need to automate manual testing and verification in a short Amount of time.
  • Users who will assume technical lead roles or team lead roles in use of automated test tools.
  • Existing users of Selenium who need to customize and enhance their automated tests through scripting.

Prerequisites for Selenium with Appium Certification

Working knowledge of:

  • Windows and Web sites and browsers
  • Good understanding of testing concepts
  • Knowledge of basic Java programming
  • Knowledge of HTML
  • All systems ready with the required setup

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 5 Days

  • Introducing Selenium
    • Environment needs for Selenium
    • Supported Browsers and Platforms
  • Element Locator
    • Object Identification process
    • Installing Firebug and Firepath
    • Working with Firebug and FirePath
    • Identifying WebElements using id, name, linkname, class, xpath, tagname,CSS
    • Regular Expressions
  • Selenium Web Driver
    • Introduction of Selenium Web driver
    • Selenium WebDriver Vs Selenium RC
    • Web Driver Architecture
    • Downloading and configuring Webdriver in eclipse
    • Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, HTML Unit
    • Firefox profile
    • Selenium-WebDriver API Commands and Operations
    • Creating Test Scripts in WebDriver
  • Form Controls
    • Accessing Input box
    • Accessing Combo Boxes by using Select and List
    • Accessing Checkbox with example
    • Accessing Submit Buttons with example
    • Accessing Links with example
    • Extracting Data from WebTable
    • Extracting Data from WebList
  • Synchronization
    • Why synchronization?
    • Thread.sleep
    • Implicit Wait
    • Explicit Wait
    • Handling Ajax applications
  • Handling Dynamic Objects
    • Finding Multiple Objects
    • Traversing through Web Tables
    • Traversing through Web List
    • Handling Dynamic Objects
    • Constructing xpaths at RunTime
  • Creating Test Scripts in WebDriver
    • Capturing screenshots with WebDriver
    • Cross browser execution
    • Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, HTML Unit
    • Firefox profile
  • Verification
    • Verifying the properties of the web element
    • Verifying the titles, textboxes, Clickable buttons, links
    • Assertions
  • Handling Events on a webpage
    • Keyboard events
    • Mouse Events
  • Handling Pop-up Windows
    • Handling JavaScript Alerts


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