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VuGen v11.5 Training

Performance testing needs sync. effort towards the SUT to put load, which is very troublesome or one could get no more than 30%-40% of the performance result with manual efforts. To overcome this kind of situations and to get at least of 90%-95% of test result, performance tester use VuGen to create Vuser scripts.

Vugen records the interaction between Client/Server (communications), to capture the sending and receiving data. It uses C language interpreter to record the SUT process, which creates a C script. In the beginning it starts with recording actions to define the behaviour and action of virtual users working in C/S architecture.

After the basic script been designed, then it switches to enhancement of the script in that it Parameterize (Prevent Data Caching) and creates Verification points (Checks Server Response). This will add intelligence and flexibility into a script. This Vugen course is designed to give hands-on working knowledge for checking the behaviour of application under heavy load using automation tool.

Objectives of VuGen v11.5 Training

  • Basic knowledge which is mandatory for load testing
  • Identify LoadRunner (LR) components
  • Apply the recommended workflow to create a basic LR scenario
  • Record scripts in the web environment using the Virtual User Generator (VuGen)
  • Measure steps and business processes using transactions
  • Parameterize scripts to vary user input data
  • Correlate scripts to process server-generated data
  • Working with Rendezvous to generate max load at specific step

Intended Audience

  • Quality Assurance Engineer and Performance Engineers.
  • For new users who want to generate scripts to check web application.
  • Personnel working on load testing process.


  • Knowledge of Windows.
  • Websites and browser settings.

Optional Experience

  • C programming languages.
  • Concept of Client/Server architecture.

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 3 Days


  1. Introduction
    • Define Virtual User (Vuser) and VuGen
    • Explore the new look and feel of the VuGen UI
    • Explain how to use the step navigator
    • Discuss the script workflow
    • Create scripts using VuGen
    • Record business processes with VuGen
  2. Recording Scripts for Web Applications
    • Access and use the protocol advisor for recording
    • Create VuGen scripts by recording user steps
    • Managing scripts using solution explorer
    • Creating new scripts
    • Preparing to record
    • Recording Options
  3. Replaying the Vuser Scripts
    • Recognize the debugging tools available in VuGen
    • Identify and configure the appropriate web run-time settings for replaying scripts
    • Replay and debug the script in VuGen
    • Applying Run-Time settings
  4. Inserting Transactions into the Script
    • Explain the use of transactions in a script
    • Add a transaction into a script during recording
    • Insert a transaction into a script after recording
    • Checking replay log after inserting Transaction
  5. Parameterizing a Script
    • Define parameterization
    • Determine when to parameterize a script
    • Create and modify parameter lists
    • Create new parameters using Solution Explorer, Script Editor
    • Work with parameter properties and mapping it with values
    • Configure run-time settings for parameters
  6. Verifying the Vuser Scripts
    • Identify the need to use verification in scripts
    • Define verification for scripts
    • Add text checkpoints during and after recording of scripts
  7. Auto Correlation After Recording
    • Describe correlation
    • Work with the Correlation using Design Studio
    • Correlate dynamic values after recording a script

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