riverbed WAN350 Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures


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WAN350 Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures

This Course offers an in-depth experience to the Riverbed® Optimization System With hands-on installation and configuration using the Steel Head appliance and Steel Head CX for virtual deployments with Steel Central Controller for Steel Head deployment integration. This class covers common and advanced scenarios with QoS and both serial and parallel Steel Head clusters, as well as lab-intensive virtual in-path deployments using PBR, WCCP and Steel Head Interceptor.


  • SteelHead Appliance Deployment & Management course or WAN200 Optimization Essentials

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 5 Days

  • Module-1: Steel Head Appliance Review
  • Module-2: Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Module-3: Path Selection

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