Wireshark Certified Network Analyst

Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Training Course & Certification


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Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Training Course

The Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Training Course & Certification was designed to confirm individual competencies in using Wireshark to locate the cause of network problems (poor performance or security related) and confirm your knowledge of TCP/IP network communications in general.

Prerequisites for Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Training

Strong Knowledge of TCP/IP

Course Outline                                                  Duration: 5 Days

  • Network Analysis Overview
  • Introduction to Wireshark
  • Capture Traffic
  • Create and Apply Capture Filters
  • Define Global and Personal Preferences
  • Colorize Traffic
  • Define Time Values and Interpret Summaries
  • Interpret Basic Trace File Statistics
  • Create and Apply Display Filters
  • Follow Streams and Reassemble Data
  • Customize Wireshark Profiles
  • Annotate, Save, Export and Print Packets
  • Use Wireshark’s Expert System • TCP/IP Analysis Overview
  • Analyze Domain Name System (DNS) Traffic
  • Analyze Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Traffic
  • Analyze Internet Protocol (IPv4/IPv6) Traffic
  • Analyze Internet Control Message Protocol
  • Analyze User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Traffic
  • Analyze Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Traffic
  • Graph IO Rates and TCP Trends
  • Analyze Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Analyze Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Traffic
  • Analyze File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Traffic
  • Analyze Email Traffic
  • Introduction to 802.11 (WLAN) Analysis
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Analysis Fundamentals
  • Baseline “Normal” Traffic Patterns
  • Top Causes of Performance Problems
  • Network Forensics Overview
  • Detect Scanning and Discovery Processes
  • Analyze Suspect Traffic
  • Effective Use of Command-Line Tools

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