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Redhat Openstack
Training & Certification

Build your skills

Whether you are updating your expertise or building brand new skills, this is where it all begins. Master key tasks for Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat JBoss® Middleware, Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, and more. You can also accelerate your learning opportunities by taking advantage of special rates and in-person access to our curriculum advisors with our Power Training offerings prior to Red Hat Summit.

Master the skills you need to run

Create a great hybrid cloud strategy by supplementing OpenStack  with Management development, and automation offerings.

Learn more and get certified:

openstack ansible jboss openshift

List of Openstack Certification Courses

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Our exams. On your time.

Red Hat’s certification program is consistent, reliable, and trusted. Exams are hands-on, making them better indicators of your proficiency. Each exam tests your ability to perform actual IT tasks just as you will on the job.

With expanded testing locations around the world, Red Hat Individual Exams can help you prove your skills and prepare for a global marketplace. You can take Red Hat certification exams as an individual exam on a secure, personal testing station at a Red Hat or Red Hat partner location.

Red Hat Individual Exams allow you to schedule an exam at a time and location that is convenient for you. Prepare at your own pace and take your exam on a testing station near you.

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