10 Apirilaren 2017

Proiektuen zuzendariak Elkarrizketa galderak erantzunak

Proiektuen zuzendariak Elkarrizketa erantzunak galderak:Taldean beste pertsona baten bila joatea desatsegina izan daiteke, iltzeak buruan sakontzeko. Inoiz ez dakizu benetan: Norbaitek transmitituko du? Taldearekin batera bizi zara? Konpainiaren aukeratze egokiarekin bat dator? Galdera ugari daude, hala ere, haiei buruzko argibideak argitu ditzakezu.

Talking with venture administration for open positions is something I have needed to do yet I don’t think that its simple. How would you know what to inquire? What’s more, how would you utilize what is ordinarily a truly brief timeframe to give the competitor a chance to show themselves in the most ideal light?

Proiektuen zuzendariak Elkarrizketa galderak

Added to that is the way that it’s simple for contender to concoct answers to a significant number of the standard inquiries on the grounds that there are such a variety of books about selecting and talking. They have a lot of time to practice their answers, so the entire thing can feel like a container ticking exercise.

IXCHARXve assembled my 10 executioner inquiries for enlisting a venture chief. Next time you need to enroll somebody for your venture group, why not attempt some of these?

1. What donXCHARXt you need to chip away at?

Great on the grounds that: There are dependably bits of employments we don’t care for, however extend administrators commonly take a shot at the tasks that they are doled out. It’s fine to have inclinations, however you’re searching for somebody who can react to business needs regardless of the possibility that that isn’t their top decision of venture.

Awful reaction: “I jump at the chance to pick the undertakings I deal with, and I just truly need to do the advanced media ones. That is OK, would it say it isn’t?”

2. Erabateko administrazioaz baliatzeko bokazio gisa baloratu behar zenuke, 1-10-ra nola baloratuko zenuke?

Handia geroztik: Honek zure bokazioa nola estimatzen duten erakutsiko du eta PM partean aurrera joaten diren ala ez. Eska iezaiezu balorazio hori arrazoi baliogabeagatik.

Terrible reaction: XCHARXIXCHARXd score it a 1 since IXCHARXm just doing this to fill in time before I can land a legitimate position.XCHARX


3. WhatXCHARXs the most vital thing for a venture supervisor to do?

Great since: It will demonstrate to you their needs and whether they have really contemplated what a venture chief does. It will likewise show whether they are a decent social fit for your group. In the event that you have a solid concentrate on process and they think the most imperative thing is to be adaptable and adjust forms as you go, then you likely won’t get on.

Terrible reaction: “Well, it’s for the most part administrator, would it say it isn’t?”

4. Zer egiten duzu egunero energia egiten duen energia gehien?

Great since: This gives you a sign of how they carry out their occupation. Somebody who spends throughout the day at the PC may suit your condition, or you may search for a venture administrator who gets out and visits customers most days of the week. Keep in mind that they may be set up to accomplish an option that is other than what they do now, so in the event that you hear something that doesn’t fit with the post you are enlisting for, don’t discount them before investigating this further.

Awful reaction: “Facebook.”

5. Nola funtzionatuko luke aldekoak? Nola zainduko zenuke?

Great in light of the fact that: Managing up means functioning admirably with individuals more senior than you. Extend administrators do this constantly, so it’s great to discover how they make those connections function.

Awful reaction: “I lean toward not to get my support included. They’re regularly a nonentity, so I don’t trouble them.”

6. At the point when was the last time you didnXCHARXt designate and what was the deal?

Great since: This will help you work out on the off chance that they are cheerful to be completely forthright and educate you concerning a period that something turned out badly. This demonstrates their ability to gain from oversights and how they manage data over-burden. Appointing work bundles is critical to venture work and you’ll need to contract somebody who comprehends that.

Terrible reaction: “I never delegate—it’s less demanding to do it all myself.”


7. What was the most troublesome moral choice youXCHARXve needed to make on a venture?

Great since: It can exhibit their familiarity with PMI Code of Ethics and regardless of the possibility that they aren’t mindful of that, their general way to deal with work. You can likewise utilize it to open up a fascinating exchange and permit you to judge how they will fit into your business culture.

Terrible reaction: “I granted an agreement to my cousin once, despite the fact that he was the most costly. I got a decent occasion out of the kickback however.”

8. Zer irizpideren erabiliko zenuke zure hurrengo enplegua kokatzeko?

Great since: It will demonstrate to you what’s vital to them at work: green certifications, profession movement, work/life adjust, working for a major brand and so on. It will likewise let you know whether they are effectively work chasing or whether they saw your promotion and couldn’t avoid (either is fine).

Awful reaction: “Compensation, cost arrangement and the opportunity to travel abroad.”

9. Nola hobetu duzu enpresako administrazioko inprimakiak gaur egungo enpresan?

Great on the grounds that: Not everybody has the opportunity to take a shot at business basic, energizing undertakings that make for an incredible CV, however everybody has the opportunity to offer a few proposals for changes (regardless of the possibility that they aren’t taken up). Search for somebody who has thoughts and who isn’t reluctant to put them forward.

Terrible reaction: “It’s all lovely junk there yet I haven’t tried to make a move as there’s no point.”

10. Pentsamendu kritikoaren sistema berritzaileak erabiltzen dituzunean?

Great since: It merits testing the specialized abilities of hopefuls. Will they speak knowledgably about fishbone graphs, De Bono’s reasoning caps, pretend? Fan out to discuss the last venture issue they settled with imaginative considering.

Awful reaction: “I have a tendency to take care of issues myself without including the group.”

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