#1. Why should I choose ITS over other training providers?

  • Quality
    • ITS has large of on roll and empaneled trainers in the business. Our trainers excel not just in depth and width of knowledge, but also in the all important qualities of patience and ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms.
    • Not only Regular training, we are providing training for niche technologies too.
    • ITS is an authorized training partner of Microsoft, Red Hat, HP and EMC. ITS is also authorized exam centre for RedHat.
  • Convenience
    • We are situated in heart of city, very near to Airport and Metro Station too.
    • We provide an end-to-end solution – airport pickup, hotel, meals, transport, Hospitality Desk support so that you can focus on studies.
    • All training programs start every month and are conveniently scheduled. You can also start from Any Date™ if you opt for 1-on-1™training.
  • Customer Centric
    • We offer Customised training for special requirements.
  • Cost effective
    • The total cost of attending our training program is less than other training providers.

#2. Where are your training centers?

Innovative Technology Solutions Training Centers

#3. What is the schedule of training?

  • General timings are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, though we are flexible enough according to client’s preference.

#4. Do I have to go through the course material before I come to class?

  • It is recommended but not mandatory. If you register well in advance, we can courier the courseware to you (at an extra cost). For some courses, electronic version is also available.

#5. I received an email from “itstechschool@gmail.com”. Is this ITS’s official email id?

  • Yes, this is our official email address which we use if a recipient is not able to receive emails from our info@itstechschool.com email address or if we do not receive confirmation that he/she has read our emails.

#6. Is 1-on-1™ training the same as mentoring?

  • Yes, it is the same, where trainer concentrate on single participant and take his/her queries.

Price & Payments

#1. Do you accept Microsoft Software Assurance vouchers?

  • Yes, being authorized Microsoft partner we do accept it.

#2. Do you accept Redhat Learning Credits?

  • Yes, being authorized RedHat partner we do accept it.

#3. Are there any additional charges during Christmas and New Year ?

  • No, costing will be same irrespective of any day/event.

Travel & Visa

#1. Can I do the RCHE Exam anywhere?

  • Yes, one can go for RCHE exam on any authorized RedHat Exam Center.

#2. Can I attend the training on tourist visa?

  • Yes, you can attend training on tourist visa. In fact, majority of our students are on tourist visa.

Food & Beverages

#1. Is Halal food available in India?

  • Yes.

#2. Is Kosher food available in India?

  • Yes, it is available but only in Delhi in the Chabad House. They have to inform two days in advance. It is free of cost.

About Certifications

#1. Is the qualification valid outside India and, if so, does it have the same recognition/status as if I had taken it in Europe/USA?

  • Yes, the qualifications / certifications are valid throughout the world and carry the same recognition as a certification acquired in Europe / USA

#2. Do I get a certificate of participation?

  • Yes.

Course Specific Queries

#1. RHCE (2 takes). In the event I did pass the exam on the first attempt, is there any refund?

  • There is no refund of second exam fees if you pass the exam in the first attempt. The costing of RHCE (2 takes) takes into account that a certain percentage of students will pass in the first attempt and fewer number of students will require the 2nd take.

#2. If I do not take RHCE (2 takes), can I still resit the RHCE exam if I fail in first attempt? What is the benefit of RHCE (2 takes)?

  • Yes, you can retake the exam at an additional cost of US $ 250 even if you do not take RHCE (2 takes). Price of RHCE (2 takes) includes not just the cost of the retake but also retraining after analyzing the reason for failure in the first attempt. It also includes the accommodation and meals for the extra stay.


#1. I am worried about the communication skills of the trainers. Do they speak good English?

  • All trainers at ITS speak very good English. 90% of our customers are from outside India and our trainers speak in a neutral accent.

#2. Apart from Sundays, which other days are holidays in India? When is the compensatory class held?

New Year – 01 Jan
Republic Day – 26 Jan
Holi – 24 Mar
Independence Day – 15 Aug
Gandhi Jayanti – 02 Oct
Dushera – 11 Oct
Diwali – 30 Oct

New Year – 01 Jan
Republic Day – 26 Jan
Independence Day – 15 Aug
Gandhi Jayanti – 02 Oct
Dussehra – 11 Oct
Diwali – 30 Oct
Karnataka Rajyotsav – 01 Nov

#3. Can I use my mobile phone in India?

  • Yes. If you have a GSM mobile phone, we advise that you carry it with you to India.

#4. Is it possible to bring my partner with me?

  • Yes, you can bring your partner with you. However, there will be an additional cost in terms of Hotel accommodation and meals.

#5. We want to train 4 people and would like them in a class to themselves. Is it possible?

  • Yes, if you send 4 participants, we can offer an exclusive training for them which can be started from Any Date™ suitable for you.

#6. What if I get interested in other courses, can I extend my stay to do the other courses?

  • Yes, you can extend the your stay for other courses. In fact, many of our students do that. It is advisable to request for the Indian Visa with validity upto a few days/week after end date of the proposed training so that you can upgrade to more courses during your stay in India.

#7. Do you offer online training?

  • Yes, we offer live online training.

#8. Is it possible that my organization can pay for training fee without meals and stay so that I can pay the difference on arrival?

  • Yes, it is possible. Your company can pay only the training fee and you can pay for meals and stay yourself on arrival.