4 saattaa 2017

Miten tulla Virtualization Proksi


Ryhdy Virtualization Proksi

Virtualisointiliiketoiminta kehittyy nopeammin kuin mikään muu aika viime muistissa. Tämän jatkuvasti kehittyvän radan mukana on jatkuvasti uusia ajatuksia ja ideoita, joiden avulla pääset pään ympärille.

Erilaisia ​​lähestymistapoja virtualisointityöhön on selvää, mutta meillä on tärkeä tavoite, joka auttaa tekemään tarinan virtualisoituneeksi saavutukseksi. Laadimme neljä yksinkertaista askeleelta, jotka voit aloittaa nyt rakentamalla taitosi ja muuttamalla virtualisointi masteriksi.

1. Aloita aloitus.

Keeping in mind the end goal to end up plainly a virtualization ace, you should be knowledgeable about various other IT disciplines, beginning with server organization. A fundamental setup won’t request much, yet as you work out increasingly virtual framework, things will get intricate in a rush. You would prefer not to battle to recollect Linux charges, or how to settle a Windows server that won’t boot. Investing energy in the administrator trenches will profit you extraordinarily.

Networking, specifically, likewise can get furry. Your CompTIA Network+ training will advise you that a well-fabricated virtual environment will have a few VLANs and subnets to section out, running a management network for your physical hosts, and a capacity network to speak with shared stockpiling, and also different networks for your virtual servers as required for security. On the off chance that we evacuate the deliberation of VLANS, you have a few physical ports on every server for each network, all of which must be designed accurately on both the host and on the switch, or correspondence won’t occur.

Siinä vaiheessa kaikki menee alas 3 am: ssä. Näillä linjoilla on parempaa verkko-osaamista.

2. Aloita pieni.

Onko vanha käytöstä poistettu palvelin lounging noin? Täydellistää! Dilly dally ja pinota vapaan muodon VMware tai Microsoft Hyper-V.

How you inquire? We’re not telling. Go make sense of it.

C’mon, you’re an IT fellow/lady, you live to tinker and make sense of new stuff! Furthermore, it would take seven days of blog entries to completely cover. Will hit obstacles and cryptic blunders, so the main way you’ll learn and leave away smarter is to hammer at it.

Once youXCHARXre done, youXCHARXll have a sandbox where you can play. Manufacture a Windows server, make it a space controller, include an IIS server for office dog pictures, include a Linux box, and introduce a syslog application or whatever innovation you need to play with. Simply DONXCHARXT put anything on it identified with your creation network. Keep in mind, this is a grumpy, 12-year-old server with two fizzled circles and a savage instance of the arbitrary reboots.

3. Valitse alusta ja hallitse se.

We said VMware and Hyper-V prior. Both are hypervisors, the product layer that really abstracts your physical host’s CPU, RAM, and capacity to enable virtual machines to utilize those assets. While there are many kinds of hypervisors accessible, the two most prominent are VMware’s vSphere and Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

Molemmat ovat äärimmäisen kehittyviä tuotteita, ja yhdessä niillä on eniten kaikkea muuta kuin koko teollisuus. Molemmat ansaitsevat oppimisen, mutta sinun pitäisi edustaa huomattavaa valtuutusta yhdessä vaiheessa. Hyper-V on epäilemättä päätös, koska se on Microsoftin myymälässä, sillä se on standardi jokaisen Windows Serverin 2008-version jälkeen. Jos sinulla on Linux-palvelimet, tai olet kiinnostunut muiden kuin Microsoftin tuotteista, katso sitten vSphere.

In any case, CBT Nuggets has you secured for all you’re training needs. Microsoft covers Hyper-V altogether in its MCSA and MCSE server track affirmations, and VMware’s VCP-DCV accreditation is a profound plunge into vSphere.

4. Ota se seuraavalle tasolle.

You got the skills, the stage, and the certs, so you’re well on your approach to turning into a virtualization genius. As you become out your virtual framework, the greatest key component of your hypervisor to use will be high accessibility. This takes into account programmed failover of virtual machines starting with one physical host then onto the next when one goes disconnected.

There’s dependably a cost however, and it begins with redundant hardware. Additional spending, obviously, implies more purchase in required from higher ups. At this point, you ought to be knowledgeable to protect these advancements and how they can diminish costs and downtime, both from hardware disappointment and fundamental upkeep.

Virtualization has transformed IT always and can possibly help your vocation essentially. In case you’re not as of now dealing with a virtual environment, it’s dependent upon you to begin and invested the effort and vitality to learn, as these are skills that have turned out to be standard charge for all IT pros.

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