AngularJS Controller

Posted on12 'Ok 2018
What is the role of Controller in AngularJS? Data flow in the application is maintained by controllers in AngularJS. In general terms, AngularJS Controller is a JavaScript object which is basically used to maintain the flow of data in the angular application. To make a controller we will use ng-controller directive. Let us understand by a simple example:- For Example:  <div ng-app=”myModule” ng-controller=”myController”> First Name: <input type=”text” ng-model=”firstName”><br> Last Name: <input type=”text” ng-model=”lastName”><br>...
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AngularJS – Data Binding

Posted on12 'Ok 2018
What is data binding in AngularJS? AngularJS application is displayed in Hyper Text Markup Language container which is also representing a view. Data Binding is simply used to communication between view and model. For Example :   <div ng-app=XCHARXNewModuleXCHARX ng-controller=XCHARXNewControllerXCHARX> <p ng-bind=XCHARXstudentNameXCHARX></p> </div> <script> var app = angular.module(XCHARXNewModuleXCHARX, []); app.controller(XCHARXmyCtrlXCHARX, function($scope) { $scope.studentName = XCHARXalokXCHARX; $scope.studentId = “1XCHARX; }); </script> Output: XCHARX alok...
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5 ITIL misconceptions that have mislead generations

Posted on27 Sep 2018
ITIL and ITSM have been hemmed in by mysteries, misconceptions, and myths, though some of them are true. I am here to clarify what is fact and what is fiction? This post will clearly take you deep into ITIL. ITIL is only applicable to operations Though this was right to some extent, as mentioned in version two of the ITIL books. After the release of...
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Microsoft Certifications Vs Cisco Certifications

Posted on18 Sep 2018
The two noteworthy certification goliaths for IT experts are Microsoft and Cisco. They offer an extensive variety of certifications for people who wish to achieve capability in Information Technology and Networking. The tremendous rundown of certifications offered from both the brands frequently make the applicants baffled in picking the most reasonable certification. With these fluctuated alternatives, they end up lost in making sense of the...
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Hoʻomākaukau i ka GDPR:ʻO wai ka mea, pehea, ke aha, pehea, a me kahi o GDPR

Posted on23 Aug 2018
Why IT professional should learn about GDPR – it is law in all countries that are members of European Union (EU) and the countries working with European Union or having clientele in European Union countries. Why IT professional should learn about GDPR – it is law in all countries that are members of European Union (EU) and the countries working with European Union or having...
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PRINCE2 Hōʻike

Posted on03 Aug 2018
ʻO Prince 2 ke alanaehana alakaʻi. Hiki ke hoʻohanaʻia ka Prince 2 i kekahi papahana me ka nānāʻole i nāʻoihana. 'Oiʻo maiʻo Prince 2 e pili ana i ka hoʻolālā Kūkākūkā huahana Nā hana @ dependencies E hoʻomākaukau i nā manaʻo hoʻomākaukau hoʻomākaukau i ka papahana Papahana a me ka hoʻohālikelikeʻana i ka maʻi ma luna o Prince 2 he kumu kūpono ia a he pono iāʻoe ma keʻano he kanaka a me kāu hui. ʻO ke keʻenaʻOihana 2 a me ka hōʻoiaʻana i ke kaʻina hana ...
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