Install Python on your machine
1 Dec 2019

How to Install Python on your Machine?

An easy way to Install Python on different OS

Install Python on your Machine

Step 1: Download the Installer

1.Python is freely available and hence it can be downloaded from its website. One can download the installer from

2. Once the site opens you can choose the required installer as per your OS. Since Python can run on multiple OS so different copies of the installer are available at that site. You can download the current version which is 3.8.0

3. Further post download you can run the MSI file( if your machine is running on Windows OS). Its Size is small approx. 25 KB and hence can be downloaded quickly.

4. The Setup process can be started and normally it takes not more than 10 minutes to get installed. Of course, it may differ from machine to machine depending upon its hardware configuration.

Now you can straight way start for Coding in Python. Usually, you can write Idle (which is an IDE which gets automatically installed along with Python) and press the Enter Key – you will get the next screen

Step 2: To Check if Python is installed or not

Once Python is installed you can check it further by giving the command at the command prompt –

python – –version

  • The above command is applicable for Window Based OS and on other OS as well.
  • Another command which can be used on Windows-Based platform is where python which shows the path where python is being installed.