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Blue Coat is a recognized leader in enterprise security, providing on premise, hybrid and cloud-based solutions for protecting web connectivity, combating advanced threats, and responding to security breaches.

  • The convergence of recent market dynamics has fundamentally changed the nature of how today’s applications are developed and delivered.
  • The shift to Web/HTTP applications, SSL connections, larger files, mobile users and chatty protocols delivers richer user experiences, but taxes application performance and creates exposure to security threats.
  • In order to respond to this changing business and technology climate, you need a better approach to application delivery that eliminates the performance/security trade-off.
  • A solution that is built for the world of mixed protocols.
  • Web applications and a distributed workforce, combining network control and application visibility, security and acceleration into a single vendor solution
  • An enhanced proxy architecture that provides with a complete understanding of all applications and users on the network
  • An architecture that provides total visibility and control over user and application performance, and fast, secure delivery of the applications that are necessary to running your business.

学ぶブルーコートコースグルガオンで 登録するグルガオンでのブルーコートトレーニングトップトレーニング会社「革新的な技術ソリューション」Microsoft Azure認定。 コース料金、シラバス、期間、バッチのタイミングについての詳細を入手してください。

Blue Coat認定コース一覧

SL。 いいえ。コー​​ス名今すぐ登録する
1Blue Coat認定のPacketshaper管理者もっと見る
2Blue Coat認定Packetshaperプロフェッショナルもっと見る
3Blue Coat認定ワン加速管理者もっと見る
6Blue Coat認定セキュリティアナリティクス管理者もっと見る
7Blue Coatキャッシュフローもっと見る
8Blue Coat Webアプリケーション逆プロキシもっと見る
9Blue Coat認定Proxysg管理者もっと見る
Blue Coat認定セキュリティアナリティクスプロフェッショナルもっと見る

Modes of Training

buildings Blue Coat


foundation Blue Coat


expert-instructor Blue Coat


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