Mansiunculas in disciplina Bangalore

Fully Equipped labs with high-end machines
100 potentia tergum%
Food, Tea/Coffee Facility
Overhead Mounted Projector and white board
lunch in buffet
High speed lease line connectivity.

Training Rooms in Bangalore for Rent

Innovative Technology Solutions is having office at Bangalore. Praesertim autem in suo IT disciplinarum vera et disciplina comitatu cella quod solutions provisor. DEQUE EJUS Tech School Providet training room in bangalore for corporate training with a rich learning environment with our state-of-an-art infrastructure and high end facilities as per corporate technical training needs.

Training Venue on Hire in Bangalore

DEQUE EJUS est having multiple disciplinam interiorem gazofilacia cantorum in Bangalore i.e. at Koramangala, Doddakkaneli and Marathahalli Junction, Bangalore with close proximity to Airport. ITS is having 11 training rooms for rent in Bangalore et participes 240 dies accommodat. SUUS Training Venue in Bangalore are equipped with high-end machines, overhead mounted projector and white board.

Available facilities,

  1. Tectum mounted projector
  2. Tabulas cum album markers
  3. aqua utres
  4. Calamus et pad
  5. 100 potentia tergum%
  6. 02 tempore tea / capulus cum snacks
  7. In leo agitantibus prandium

Internet - Etiam accumsan recta summi conectividad celeritatem.

Computers - 4 GB RAM ut 32 GB RAM sunt machinis available.

Aer rete locale / Wi-Fi connectivity


Felicitatem tuam placerat

Claudite IT artes discere optimus via gap in via sua, et disce tuum ad locum tuum.

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About Bangalore

Bangalore is the Corporate and IT hub of the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. In Bangalore, 80% of global IT companies have based their India operations and R&D centers in Bangalore. Bangalore is the 4th largest technology cluster in the world after Silicon Valley, Boston, and London. Bangalore has the highest number of R&D centers in India. Presence of 50+ IT/ITeS SEZs in Karnataka; 3 software technology parks.Innovative Technology Solutions is having training quia facilitas sua in Bangalore, Karnataka. DEQUE EJUS praebet eruditionibus et technica Bangalore disciplina visneto on rent for corporate training.

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All our accommodation options in Bangalore have spacious well ventilated rooms with modern amenities.such as Wi-Fi, Tv, Heater, power backup, doctor-on-call for your smooth stay.ITS disciplinam interiorem gazofilacia cantorum in Bangalore publica bene disposito of-- disciplinam disciplinarum arte technica infrastructure facilitas.

Venue 1

Disciplina locus, Koramangala, Bangalore. Karnataka - 560095, India


LAB 125
LAB 220
LAB 320
LAB 420

Venue 2

Lorem Cella, Marathahalli adiunctae, Bangalore - 560037.


LAB 130
LAB 224
LAB 324
LAB 320

Venue 3

Disciplina locus, Doddakkaneli, Bangalore, 560 035. INDIA


LAB 120
LAB 220
LAB 320

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