25 Apr 2018

PMP vs PRINCE2 vs CAPM : Which one is good choice for me?

PMP vs PRINCE2 vs CAPM : Which one is good choice for me? 1


A project management certification likewise conveys to you more aptitudes, mastery, attractiveness, development in profession the same number of the certifications require consistent learning for their recharging, your abilities dependably remain refreshed and in accordance with the latest IT advancements.
Project managers who work in the application advancement workplace get a compensation in the middle of US$ 90,000 to US$ 150,000. The individuals who work in the framework joining and counseling parts get a pay of US$ 90,000 to US $160,000. The compensation enhances with understanding and with the time an expert spends in his/her space. CAPM, PMP and PRINCE2 are three famous project management related certifications. Here is a concise portrayal and some correlation focuses to enable you to pick the best one for yourself.


CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management is a passage level certification that can be a venturing stone for your innovative and lucrative profession way of project administrator. This certification can be achieved by anybody as there is no experience related qualification conditions identified with it. The CAPM certification is granted by PMI or Project management Institute. It approves that the certification holder has a decent comprehension of every crucial rule and knowledge, and the procedures and wordings that are identified with project management.
IT experts who need to seek after an enduring learning way towards being a project administrator can seek after the CAPM certification. It is likewise useful for the individuals who have project management as their low maintenance work part. While the CAPM certification can get you a lesser or colleague level part in the project management group, it may not give you a senior review project management position.


The PMP training and certification is the highest quality level in project management. The Project Management Professional certification is likewise granted by PMI. The certification approves that the certification holder has great aptitudes and mastery in all Project Management related procedures including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing. The knowledge territories identified with these procedures are the management of scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communication, risk, procurement, and stakeholders. PMP can give you a senior level project supervisor work part.


PRINCE2 (Project in Controlled Environments) is a procedure based IT technique for project management and has an inside and out various system when contrasted with the PMP. The PRINCE2 certification approves aptitudes and skill in PRINCE2 structure. The certification is very perceived and popular in nations including the UK and Australia and in the Western European nations (and PRINCE 2 is more received here). The PMP, then again, is favored in Canada, USA, and the Middle East. Nations in Asia and Africa have an inclination for both. The PMP certification holders get a higher compensation than PRINCE2 certification holders in all occasions however, and the distinction in yearly pay can be around US$ at least 10,000.

Pick the Right Certification among PMP, PRINCE2 & CAPM

The PMP requires that a man have 3 to 5 years of Project Management related understanding and ought to likewise have spent certain hours towards getting a training in the project management field. Additionally, while the PMP requires that certification holder continually learns and pick up the PDUs (Professional Development Units) to recharge the certification after at regular intervals, the CAPM does not require any sort of proceeding with instruction. Be that as it may, the CAPM certification holders ought to show up for the exam indeed in at regular intervals keeping in mind the end goal to get recertified.
PMP may be harder to pick up due to the qualification conditions however it is the best certification in the IT project management field. You ought to take the plunge in the event that you meet the qualification criteria, as the PMP project management proficient certification has the most request in the market.The CAPM and the PRINCE 2 certification have lesser request in contrast with PMP yet at the same time, you get moment work and a decent pay in the wake of achieving any of these certifications. You can seek after PRINCE2 on the off chance that you are specifically geological areas expressed above, where it is broadly received. CAPM is a passage level certification, and subsequently should just be sought after when you don’t meet the qualification states of PMP.
You would now be able to seek after the PMP certification or the solaces of your home itself. Driving IT instruction specialist organizations offer you hands-on training in true IT projects, discretionary on the web or disconnected classroom addresses and training, instructor-led classrooms and projects, rehearse sets and all other learning material and resources that you should be certified as a profitable Project Manager.