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If there is no relationship between customer and customersales. Then in table visualization in report, you select ‘State’ from customer and SalesAmount from customersales, then

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After importing the data from source, you can merge different columns, change data type

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You can have the security implemented by creating Role in Power BI Desktop and thereafter assigning role to user or group of users

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You can create a new column and populate it with values from related column by

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Append feature allows us to

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The steps you apply /create after data import in Power BI, will get applied automatically once the data is refreshed


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Filters currently can impact a single visual, apply across all visuals on a page, or affect the entire report (visual level, page level, and report level filters). Sync slicers, by contrast, give report designers the option to selectively apply their filters on individual pages.

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Power BI model and Power BI Query Editor both allow us to change the datatypes


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Merge allows us to merge data between two tables using