Red Hat Certificate Individual exams

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Red Hat’s certification program is consistent, reliable, and trusted. Exams are hands-on, making them better indicators of your proficiency. Each exam tests your ability to perform actual IT tasks just as you will on the job.

With expanded testing locations around the world, Red Hat Individual Exams can help you prove your skills and prepare for a global marketplace. You can take Red Hat certification exams as an individual exam on a secure, personal testing station at a Red Hat or Red Hat partner location.

Red Hat Individual Exams allow you to schedule an exam at a time and location that is convenient for you. Prepare at your own pace and take your exam on a testing station near you.

How will I take my exam?

You will take the individual exams on an individual testing station developed by Red Hat. It is a secure, preconfigured kiosk or laptop. The testing station makes sure that you have the complete functionality required for the exam, and that you can take the exam in a secure manner remotely monitored by a Red Hat test proctor. Red Hat Individual Exams can offer you extra time to study, and they are a flexible, convenient way to accommodate busy schedules.

List of Red Hat Online Exams

Course NameCourse CodeExamsExam Duration Passing Marks
Red Hat OpenStack Administration ICL110EX210NA210/300
Red Hat OpenStack Administration IICL210EX210V6 – 3 hrs
V8 – 4 hrs
Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud ManagementCL220EX220V3 – 3 hrs
V4 – 2 hrs
Red Hat OpenStack Administration IIICL310EX3103 hrs210/300
Containerizing Software ApplicationsDO276EX2763 hrs210/300
OpenShift Enterprise AdministrationDO280EX2803 hrs210/300
Configuration Management with PuppetDO405EX4053 hrs210/300
Automation with AnsibleDO407EX4074 hrs210/300
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application DevelopmentJB225EX2254 hrs210/300
Red Hat JBoss Application Administration IJB248EX2484 hrs210/300
Camel Development with Red Hat JBoss FuseJB421EX4214 hrs210/300
Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization DevelopmentJB450EX4504 hrs210/300
Implementing Red Hat JBoss BRMSJB465EX4654 hrs210/300
Red Hat System Administration IIRH134EX2002.5 hrs210/300
RHCSA Rapid Track CourseRH199EX2002.5 hrs210/300
RHCE Certification LabRH299EX3003.5 hrs210/300
Red Hat Enterprise VirtualizationRH318EX3183 hrs210/300
Red Hat Linux Diagnostics and TroubleshootingRH342EX3424 hrs210/300
Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems ManagementRH401EX4014 hrs210/300
Red Hat Satellite 6 AdministrationRH403EX4034 hrs210/300
Red Hat Server HardeningRH413EX4134 hrs210/300
Red Hat High Availability ClusteringRH436EX4364 hrs210/300
Red Hat Enterprise Performance TuningRH442EX4424 hrs210/300

Registering for and taking an Individual Exam is easy

  1. Choose your exam and a convenient way to train, then fill out the request form and submit. You will receive an email or call from us to confirm your request and detailing next steps.
  2. You will have to pay fees online or you can pay by cash on our premises. After receiving your payment, We’ll schedule your exam by choosing your exam, date,  and time. You will get a confirmation for your scheduled exam and detailed instructions on what to do on your testing day.
  3. Show up for your exam on the chosen date and time, and take your exam.

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