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Red Hat Training Course & Certification

Become Red Hat Certified

As India’s leading Red Hat training partner, we deliver the official Red Hat and JBoss courses to developers and other IT professionals. Hands-on labs & training based on real-world applications & experience. It help you gain confidence & skills what you need to succeed, no matter in which area of expertise you work to be certified in. From Rapid Track courses to core curriculum and exam prep, we provide the virtualization, Enterprise Linux, cloud computing, JBoss,   & storage training you need to conquer for your daily tasks. Innovative Technology is the Best red hat training institute in India

We are honored Red Hat Group has named us the Authorized Red Hat Training Partner of the Year 2017  in India for six out of the past eight years.

List of Red Hat Training Courses & Certification:

  1. SwitchYard Development with Redhat JBoss Fuse Service Works View Course
  2. Redhat(RH199) View Course
  3. Redhat System Administrator III View Course
  4. Redhat Satellite 6 Administration(RH403) View Course
  5. Redhat OpenStack Administration(CL210) View Course
  6. RedHat Openstack Administration III(CL310) View Course
  7. Redhat OpenStack Administration II View Course
  8. Redhat OpenStack Administration I View Course
  9. Redhat JBoss Fuse Rapid Track View Course
  10. RedHat JBoss Enterprise Application Development I View Course
  11. RedHat JBoss Data Virtualization Development View Course
  12. RedHat JBoss Data Grid Development View Course
  13. Redhat JBoss Application Administration II View Course
  14. Redhat JBoss Application Administration I View Course
  15. Redhat JBoss A-MQ Development and Deployment View Course
  16. Redhat High Availability Clustering(RH436) View Course
  17. Redhat Gluster Storage Administration View Course
  18. Redhat Enterprise Virtualization View Course
  19. Redhat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management(RH401) View Course
  20. Redhat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management View Course
  21. Redhat Enterprice Performance Tunning View Course
  22. RedHat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Operations View Course
  23. Redhat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management View Course
  24. RedHat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Administration View Course
  25. Redhat Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration View Course
  26. Redhat – RHCSA on RHEL 7 View Course
  27. Redhat – RHCE on RHEL 7 View Course
  28. RabbitMQ Messaging with Redhat OpenStack Platform View Course
  29. OpenShift Enterprise Development(DO290) View Course
  30. OpenShift Enterprise Administration(DO280) View Course
  31. Monitoring with Redhat JBoss Operations Network View Course
  32. Implementing with Redhat JBoss BRMS View Course
  33. High Availability with Redhat OpenStack Platform View Course
  34. Enterprise Service Bus Deployment with Redhat JBoss Fuse View Course
  35. Developing Workflow Applications with Redhat JBoss BPM Suite View Course
  36. Camel Development with Redhat JBoss Fuse View Course
  37. Building Advanced Redhat Enterprise Applications View Course
  38. Authoring Rules with Redhat JBoss BRMS View Course
  39. Apache Qpid Messaging with Redhat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform View Course



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