ٽريننگ روم ۾ گرگانو

Fully Equipped labs with high-end machines
100٪ پاور بيڪ اپ
Food, Tea/Coffee Facility
Overhead Mounted Projector and white board
lunch in buffet
High speed lease line connectivity.

رينجر لاء گراگاهه ۾ ٽريننگ روم

Innovative Technology Solutions is Gurgaon based company and having head office in Gurgaon itself. We deals in IT trainings and Training rooms. Many MNC’s keep on hiring our trianing rooms for their internal IT training. We have multiple training rooms in Gurgaon with capacity from 08 to 40 people in a room. Our all training rooms are well equipped with computers, Laptops, projector, LAN and whiteboard. We do have high speed internet connectivity to access cloud labs. Tea/coffee and lunch also serves for full day training. ITS is the only company who can provide best in class training rooms in Gurgaon on rental.

Decently designed 24, 16,12 and 08 Seaters Corporate Training Rooms in Gurgaon Available on a Daily Basis. A specially designed Training Infrastructure available for rent/hire as per your need with all support i.e. from IT to food. Just share your training requirement and relax, our trainer support people will take care of entire training.

Training Room in Gurgaon is well furnished and very well maintained. The training room environment is peaceful so learning is more effective. Training rooms do have ergonomically chairs. Training rooms are well carpeted. All training room are well equipped with whiteboard and roof mounted projector. Training venue has a good connectivity to Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet internet connection for cloud access. All IT related trainings can be catered with advance hardware and software.

Our training rooms are used by many MNC’s for their Corporate Training need.

گرگرن ۾ رهائش تي ٽريننگ جو مرڪز

Many companies in Gurgaon do hire our training rooms as per their need i.e. for 01 day or multiple days. We have classroom setup and our computer configuration is from 04 GB RAM to 32 RAM with SSD HDD or hardware can be arranged as per your need. ITS training rooms are located near to metro station (HUDA city center) i.e. south city 1, Sohna road and at Sector 14. You can hire our training rooms for weekends training as well.

Besides that we have training rooms available at Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata. For more enquiry, please drop a mail at aman.khanna@itsgroup.in. ITS is Authorised training education partner of Microsoft, Redhat, Ec-council, Axelos and many more.

سهوليتون سهوليتون:

  1. ڇت جو پروپوزل ٺاهيو ويو
  2. مارڪررن سان اڇو بورڊ
  3. پاڻيء جي بوتلون
  4. قلم ۽ پيڊ
  5. 100٪ پاور بيڪ اپ
  6. 02 وقت چانهه / نمونو سان ڪافي
  7. ڀاڄي ۾ ڀاڄيون ڀاڄيون

انٽرنيٽ - ها، تيز رفتار واري لائين لڳائڻ.

ڪمپيوٽر - 4 GB رام کي 32 GB رام مشينون موجود آهن.

ایتھرٽ LAN / وائي فائی رابطي

گورن بابت

گرگانو هندستان جي نيشنل گادي واري علائقي (اين آر سي) جي ڪارپوريٽ ۽ آئي آئي ٽي مرڪز آهي. گرگون، NH-8 ايڪسپريس رستو، بين الاقوامي هوائي اڏي، ڪلاس جي تجارتي ترقي ۾ بهترين پيش ڪري، هڪ مثالي ڪاروبار منزل آهي. گرگان ايم اين سي ۽ بي پي او جي جو مرڪز آهي، جهڙوڪ آئي ٽي ڪمپنيون آرڪين گروپ، آئي اي ايم، ايم سيڪس اينمڪس، مائڪروسافٽ، اورراڙي، ايڪينچر، جينپيڪ، ٽي سي سي، اين اي آئي ٽي، ساپريٽ، وائيرو ۽ ڪيترائي وڌيڪ ڪمپنين گراگن ۾ قائم آهن. آء سيٽ مهيا ڪري ٿو ڪاروباري تربيت ۽ ٽريننگ روم to all the leading corporates in Gurgaon. For booking mail at info@itstechschool.com


پنهنجي ڪاميابي ۾ سيڙپڪاري ڪريو

All our accommodation options in Gurgaon have spacious well ventilated rooms with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, Tv, Heater, power backup, doctor-on-call for your smooth stay.

سوال لاء هتي ڪلڪ ڪريو


Location Attributes:-

  • Located at South City 1 near signature tower, Gurgaon
  • 1 KM from Huda City centre Metro stations
  • 3 Km (Approx. 15 Min) from Medicity, Islampur Colony, Gurgaon.
  • 6 Km (Approx. 25 Min) from Golf Course Road, Gurgaon.
  • 10 Km (Approx. 30 Min) from Gurgaon Railway Station.
  • 6 Km (Approx. 25 Min) from Gurgaon Bus Stand.
  • 18 Km (Approx. 35 Min) from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.
  • 07 Km (Approx. 25 Min) from DLF Cyber City Gurgaon.

We serves food inside the venue i.e. 02 time tea/coffee with cookies and veg buffet with deserts.

(buffet lunch includes – 1 Dal, 1 vegetable, 1 paneer, Chapatti, Rice, Salad, Curd and Desert)

100٪ پاور بيڪ اپ

Lease line for cloud lab access.

هوٽل پلازازو (4-ستار)

يورپ جي فن تعمير طرفان متاثر ٿيل عمارت ۾ رهائش پذير، پليسازيو هوٽل، رونٽ اسپيڊنگ پول، اسپا ۽ خير و فلاح سينٽر.

  • هاڻوڪو سٽي سينٽر ميٽررو اسٽيشن ۽ فورٽيس اسپتال مان ايم اينيمڪس م
  • ھڪڙي کاڌي کانپوء پيئڻ لاء اسڪالس بار
  • جم ۽ ترڻ جي تلاء
  • هن کي ميلانج ورلڊ کاڌي جي ريسٽورنٽ تي کاڌو.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 10
  • 11
  • 1
  • 5
  • 3
  • 4
  • 2

هوٽل پلازازه (4-ستاره) هوٽل

ڪاروباري سفر ڪرڻ لاء هڪ نئون ۽ بهتر انداز ۾ خوش آمديد ٿيو، جتي توهان مڪمل طور تي ڳنڍيل محسوس ڪيو ۽ توهان کي بهتر رات جو آرام حاصل ڪيو.

  • وائيس
  • فاسٽ ۽ تازو کاڌو
  • سائيٽ تي ويل چيئر موجود آهن
  • On-site Fitness & Wellness Center
  • ايڇ وي انور ڪلب

جڳهه 1

بي-ايڪسيمڪس اي، ڏکڻ سٽي 100، اوپي سيڪٽر -1 هود جمخانا ڪلب، گراجن - 29


ليب ايڪسڪسڪس16
ليب ايڪسڪسڪس24
  • ٽريننگ روم 1
  • ٽريننگ روم 2
  • ڪيفيٽريا
  • ڪيفيٽريا

جڳهه 2

شعبي 14، گرگون- 122001، هاريانا، ڀارت.


ليب ايڪسڪسڪس20
ليب ايڪسڪسڪس40
ليب ايڪسڪسڪس24
ليب ايڪسڪسڪس32
ليب ايڪسڪسڪس40

جڳهه 3

ڊي ايل ايف اسٽار مال، سيڪٽر-اي ڪيو ايم ايم گرگانو- 30، هاريانا


ليب ايڪسڪسڪس20
ليب ايڪسڪسڪس18
ليب ايڪسڪسڪس18
ليب ايڪسڪسڪس18

اسان سان گڏ؟

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