6 december 2016

Scrum - En SKALA GRATIS design

Scrum – A SCALE FREE design  – Scrum Training

Microsoft facilitated the occasion. Shu is the apprentices state (20% change, Ha is the middle state (>200% change) and Ri is the condition of authority (>400% change underway and time to advertise). To get to the Ri state you have to comprehend MooreXCHARXs Law.

Moore’s Law

MooreXCHARXs Law is crucial to understanding why Scrum was made and why it scales. Basically, In 1965 the prime supporter of Intel Gordon Moore watched that the quantity of transistors on a chip was multiplying about like clockwork. That has proceeded for over fifty years. The issue was that product improvement didnXCHARXt have that sort of exponential development, rather it was developing truly. In 1993, when Scrum was made, I got to be seat of the Object Management GroupXCHARXs board of trustees on the issue. We expected to get programming on an exponentially enhancing creation bend. Equipment and programming specialists on the council teamed up to make sense of this and I composed a few papers on this work, for instance XCHARXThe Emergence of a Business Object ArchitectureXCHARX and XCHARXWhy I Love the OMG.XCHARX

What they Learned at Intel – NOTHING SCALES!

At the 2016 Construx Software Executive Summit in Seattle, I met the Agile pioneer from Intel who booted up 25,000 designers doing Scrum. Scaling transitors on a chip has been in the DNA of Intel since one of the organizers composed MooreXCHARXs Law. The Agile pioneer called attention to that Intel discovered that XCHARXnothing scalesXCHARX and that you require a XCHARXSCALE FREEXCHARX design to take care of the issue. The web is one illustration and Scrum is another.

Hur kan du berätta när din Scrum är SKALA GRATIS

När vi distribuerade primärpapperet i IEEE Digital Library på en universellt spridd grupp över Nordamerika och Ryssland uppmärksammade de scholastiska kommentatorerna att många individer hade visat ökad lönsamhet med processförbättring, men ingen hade någonsin distribuerat ett papper som indikerar direkt anpassningsbarhet. I Distributed Scrum: Agile Project Management med Outsourced Development Teams visade vi att multiplicera mängden grupper genom att lägga till fler grupper i Ryssland till en omfattande amerikansk / kanadensisk förbättring av ansträngningar som ledde till mer än en multiplication av världsomspännande generation.

Mitt i hela programutvecklingshistoria har detta fantastiska anpassningsförmåga just uppvisats på Scrum ventures. För ytterligare en illustration se Scrum och CMMI Level 5: The Magic Potion for Code Warriors. Det är med motiveringen att Scrum, när det är gjort korrekt, är SKALA GRATIS genom kontur.

Många skalningsramar är inte skalfria

You can tell if youXCHARXre scaling structure is devastating execution if efficiency has not achieved a 400% change and when you include more groups, profitability does not go up at directly. You will never get your groups SCALE FREE unless you comprehend MooreXCHARXs Law and actualize it in programming. This wonder is likewise found in groups outside of programming as it is area free.

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