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Машварати амниятӣ

Машваратчиёни касбии муҳофизат метавонанд барои ҳалли мушкилоти дониш ва қобилияти кофӣ барои идора кардани ҳамлаҳои охирин, таҳдидҳо ва осебпазирӣ кӯмак расонанд. Мо метавонем доираи васеи имкониятҳоро аз санҷиши гузаргоҳ ба риояи меъёрҳо ва стандартҳо, ба осебпазирӣ расонем.


ERP Consulting

ERP Consulting at cellent means successful projects, strong customer satisfaction and innovative solutions, as a long-time partner of SAP, we offer our customers comprehensive advice from a business process-oriented and technological point of view.


Are you Ready to get Security & ERP Consulting Services?

Our Experts are here to help!

Мо чӣ кор мекунем?

We Manage

We monitor threat and attacks, manage logs, report incident & investigate, manage security assets and vulnerability management as a services.

We Consult

Risk and compliance, Forensic analysis, GDPR assessment & counslting, penetration testing and ethical hacking, understand process and help to implement in efficient and secure manner.

We Integrate

Understand the hosted technologies, the implications and integrate with new process and software. We Understand, plan, create, integrate, implement and take off

We Trained

Implementation, counslting, integration and afterwards Knowledge transfer by which you can manage your own systems at your own with minimum support from outside counsltant.

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