Blue Coat Training

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Blue Coat Description

Blue Coat is a recognized leader in enterprise security, providing on premise, hybrid and cloud-based solutions for protecting web connectivity, combating advanced threats, and responding to security breaches.

  • The convergence of recent market dynamics has fundamentally changed the nature of how today’s applications are developed and delivered.
  • The shift to Web/HTTP applications, SSL connections, larger files, mobile users and chatty protocols delivers richer user experiences, but taxes application performance and creates exposure to security threats.
  • In order to respond to this changing business and technology climate, you need a better approach to application delivery that eliminates the performance/security trade-off.
  • A solution that is built for the world of mixed protocols.
  • Web applications and a distributed workforce, combining network control and application visibility, security and acceleration into a single vendor solution
  • An enhanced proxy architecture that provides with a complete understanding of all applications and users on the network
  • An architecture that provides total visibility and control over user and application performance, and fast, secure delivery of the applications that are necessary to running your business.

O'rganishBlue Coat kursiGurgaonda. Ro'yhatdan o'tishGurgaonda Blue Coat ta'limiichidaoliy ta'lim kompaniyasi"Innovatsion texnologik echimlar" ni oling va uni olingMicrosoft Azure sertifikati. Kurs to'lovlari, dasturlari, davomiyligi, ommaviy vaqtlari haqida ma'lumot oling.

Blue Coat sertifikatlash kurslari ro'yxati

SL. Yo'q.Kurs nomiEndi ro'yxatdan o'ting
1Blue Coat Certified Packetshaper ma'muriBatafsil ko'rish
2Blue Coat Certified Packetshaper ProfessionalBatafsil ko'rish
3Blue Coat Certified Wan Acceleration AdministratorBatafsil ko'rish
4Blue Coat direktoriBatafsil ko'rish
5Blue Coat xabarnomasiBatafsil ko'rish
6Blue Coat sertifikati havfsizlik Analytics AdministratorBatafsil ko'rish
7Moviy qoplama kesh oqimiBatafsil ko'rish
8Blue Coat veb-ilovasi teskari proksi-serverBatafsil ko'rish
9Blue Coat sertifikati Proxysg AdministratoriBatafsil ko'rish
Blue Coat sertifikati havfsizlik Analytics ProfessionalBatafsil ko'rish

Modes of Training

buildings Blue Coat

On-layn ta'lim
Sizning joyingiz, o'quv markazida yoki onlaynda topshiriladigan butun jamoa yoki bo'lim uchun maxsus trening

foundation Blue Coat

Sinf ta'limi
Barqaror va professional muhitda butun dunyoda o'tkaziladigan interaktiv sinfda jonli, o'qituvchi rahbarligi ostida o'qitish

expert-instructor Blue Coat

Virtual trening
Internetda o'qituvchi tomonidan olib boriladigan o'qituvchi mashg'ulotlari an'anaviy o'quv mashg'ulotlari kabi bir xil laboratoriyalarga ega

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