Virtual Classroom Live

Online Trainer, Live training, both way communication from home / office or location of your choice

When you enrol for a virtual course with us, you will experience all of the benefits of traditional classroom training, but with added flexibility and convenience. With Virtual Classroom Live, your instructor will be live with you and make sessions interactive so you can learn what you are paying for.

The end result value for your money and time the session will be a highly interactive and immersive learning experience.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Live

Live Instructor

Instructor will be live and you can ask questions in person like you are doing in your office virtual meetings.


Training session recording will be shared, indeed which will help you to understand the missed topic or repeat your training session at your own pace.

Online Labs

Labs will be hosted locally on your machine / CLOUD / datacentre, by which you can access labs 24 X 7

Interactive Session

You can discuss live with the instructor and your colleagues or other fellow students.

Save on Time

No wastage of time while travelling. learn from your home or your base location. Only a stable internet connection is required.

Cost and Customization

Learn what you need, no need to learn or sit for whole official training, share what you are looking for and we will train on customized content as per you need.